Essay: Diversity management

The role of organisational culture that exists in the system of workplace and practices has been identified by the research program. The contemporary approach to the diversity management is new.

Diversity and Australia

Due to the increasing population and their descendents multiculturalism is at an increasing rate in the Australian society. This shows that the market share, international competitiveness, efficiency, level of innovation and efficiency of the organisation will greatly depend upon the ability of the organisation in managing a diverse work force both within the organisational and across organisational boundaries

Diversity Research Program

The degree of receptivity to perceived dissimilarity is referred to as diversity. In an organisation an individual or work group that is open to diversity is unprejudiced and they are willing to take into consideration the arguments and new ideas that is approachable to ideas external their usual way of thinking. Diversity openness is a broad attitude to variation, where the level of openness and the type of apparent difference varies as a function of the person. It refers to embracing difference. Steps are to be taken to decrease likely negative affective and behavioural reactions to difference in order to realise the full potential diversity offers to organisations. Individuals and groups must be able to conquer stereotypes or prejudices and identify that actual different others have exclusive and valuable information that can clutch up group processes and routine. Another name for diversity openness is tolerance of difference.

A Climate of Diversity Openness

In an employee’s level of diversity openness an important role is played by Organisational culture as it helps in shaping the meanings and actions of the members. With respect to culture Organisations differ in the case of viewing dissimilarity. Diverse people were likely to incorporate to the existing culture. As a result assimilation to the dominant, existing culture, expected by the organisation are not open to diversity.
As a conclusion diversity openness and dissimilarity openness concepts describes how individuals, groups or organisations contract with dissimilarity.

The Perceived Dissimilarity-Openness Moderator Model

The influence of diversity on workgroup processes and outcomes through perceptions of dissimilarity is the basic reason for resulting Perceived Dissimilarity-Openness Moderator. This Model has made a primary contribution that there is a negative effect in the work interaction when 2 conditions are met. In terms of explanation of the processes leading to positive or negative affective cognitive and behavioural reactions to diversity The Perceived Dissimilarity-Openness Moderator Model, is different from other things that give explanation of effects of diversity in organisation

Under this study it was stated that HRM policies and practices gives shape to the employee attitudes and their behaviour and strengthen a diversity open organisational culture. 50 structured interviews which were conducted by phone and face to face contacts with those people who represent diverse stakeholders were obtained.

Fromm the research, several implications and recommendations for organisation and diversity were selected by the researcher. Firstly Organisations are expected to encourage and to have a continuous monitoring on the ability of their cultural and climate to make possible positive stereotypes towards difference. Secondly in the case of selection capacity of recruit should be given consideration in order to provide services which are positive to the persons from different backgrounds. Thirdly the service of employees should be compared by the performance monitoring, their feedback and evaluation in the organisation to similar and dissimilar internal and external customer.

The study states that the management is provided with tasks of human resources management with a better kind of working systems and the attitude of the employees for the provisions about reasonable working conditions and the service of the customers by the research. The diversity management will persist to captivate management scholars as it undertakes progress in the case of knowledge, and innovations that lead to the boost in productivity and profits, trades which are done globally and increases the trustworthiness of employees and client and uses employee skills and abilities.

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