Essay: The role of the HR manager and techniques used by Gardner Ltd for selecting employees

The major role of HR Manager is to recruit deserved candidate for the organisation and in this generation there has been a lot changes in hiring policies for the growth of the company. In the present business environment most of the hr managers attract qualified employees and make them identical to the roles which suits them better, which saves money in future and leads to success for the organisation. Staffing plays a vital role in the organisation, in simple words about staffing is nothing but choosing right people for the right job by different hiring process. Few years ago many companies faced the difficulty finding the right staff for the firm but in the present scenario everything has been changed in selecting employees and this operational activity his controlled by the Human Resource Management(HRM) department. Gardener HRM Ltd says using adequate selection techniques can improve chance of hiring right person for the right job and the employees show interest to work as they are suitable for the role. Gardner HRM Ltd assist with different recruiting process and selection techniques which includes Behavioural interviewing, Psychometric test and assessment centres. Most of the HR managers are confused to recruit whether the employee with skills and talent to be hired or the people with aptitude and potential should be selected these issues are discussed widely and come to a conclusion with the changes made in a staffing policy in the organisation.

Firstly, we discuss about some techniques that has been used by Gardner Ltd for selecting employees and the challenges experienced by the HR manager in organisations. Behavioural interviewing is that a casual type of interview, where the interviewers ask different questions based on their roles, purpose of the job and why they actually need the designated person based on this small interview HR’s decide whether the person deserve the job or not. Psychometric test is one of the most effective to know about a person whether he is compatible with the designated job or not and this test is based on the British Psychological Society(BPS) which is well recognised, its usually implemented on a fresher’s. Assessment centres are becoming very helpful for the company to know about an employer’s behaviour in different situations, it also valuates the strengths and weakness of a candidate which helps an HR to decide whether to give an opportunity for a person. (Noe,2010), the competitive challenges influencing HR Management in the organisations which are divided into three categories sustainability challenge, global challenge, technology challenge. The companies which are stable in the global market and be a competitor to others, follow ethical business practices, providing the needs of employees who has to see the company succeed in the business is known as sustainability challenge. Global challenge as the name states that the organisations should challenge with the other companies all over the world and defend their domestic market from foreign competitors. Technology challenge refers to introducing new technologies in the company so that it helps employees to work faster, customer satisfaction has the quality of the product improves and can provide efficient service to customers. The techniques used by the Gardner Ltd. are still used by some of the recruiters some believe that it’s an effective way of selecting and others believe there should be changes in selecting and recruiting process, it’s a big challenge for the HR department in the present competitive business environment.
Most of the organisations follow different staffing policies, according to (Moshe banai,2006) says there are four different types of policies followed by MNC’s. Ethnocentric policy, mostly Parent country nationals(PCN’s) are recruited in overseas subsidiaries when compared to Host country national(HCN’s) with Head quaters(HQ) transferees and its a vice versa in polycentric policy and HCN’s are excluded from top jobs in HQ’s in the parent country. The other two policies are regiocentric and giocentric, regiocentric policy include hiring for top management positions in overseas subsidiaries within a specified region with nationals of countries within the region and the local managers can be designated to HQ’s but they are excluded from their home countries. In geocentric policy top management positions are filled based on the merit in overseas and at HQ’s regardless of nationality.( Perlmutter and Heenan. 1974) says that there is no scientific evidence to indicate four of this staffing policies are superior to each other, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Some advantages of ethnocentric policies,

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