Leadership style

A manager’s leadership style accounts for about 30% of a company’€™s profit (Goleman et al., 2001). Ôscar Pérez Marcote seems to have mastered the philosophy of Zara and his leadership style and is yielding good results for the company. As Pérez Marcote had continued to employ a transformational leadership style, he is conscious of both his very own leadership style and the styles of other people, this has been essential for the success of Zara. He has continued motivated employees and enhanced productivity, effectiveness and high product outreach.

AC2.1 b) Compare Leadership Style at Zara and BUDGENS

Zara and Budgens companies have appreciated the transformational management style to provide direction and motivate workers. Without appropriate administration, businesses would have uncoordinated people without unity and purpose. Transformational leadership style creates connection among employees to fulfil desired goals. Within this style the company leader assign smaller tasks and focus mostly on the major goal of the company. This can be evident in both Zara and Budgens companies. Leadership style at Zara has concentrated groups of creative designers and professionals they produce their products in the shortest time. Similarly, the transformational leadership style has seen Budgens report a rise in shopper pleasure and high-end customers at their outlets. Budgens was lately named the ‘€˜best top-up shop’€™ at the CTP awards, chosen for by twenty thousand UK customers, (FACS, 2015, August 4).

AC2.2: How organisational theory has influenced the practice of management

Organisational theory shows the layout of the business enterprise and how it’s structured (Daft, 2012). Ôscar Pérez has implemented different motivational theories and control patterns which might assist ZARA reap its dreams. Further, ZARA has employed the situational idea of organisational control, understanding that for an organization to be triumphant, it wishes to cope with the needs of the humans constantly as they evolve.

AC2.3 management approach used by ZARA, Compare the management approach followed by the management of BUDGENS. Evaluate and describe which approach is better and why?

Zara operates largely on a Contingency or a Situational management Approach. No wonder Zara pays close attention to what fashions the public demands. Administrative principles within Zara and Budgens are strict from production to the distribution products. Classical management methods are also demonstrated by Zara and Budgens through scientifically getting the right workers with appropriate abilities. Management approaches seem to have been yielding positive results for Zara and Budgens, but Zara seems to have integrated most of the management approaches in its operation from classical management approach, Bureaucratic organisation, to behavioural management where they pay close attention fashions needs of the public

Task 3:

Section 3: ways of using motivational theories in organisations

AC3.1 Discuss how a change in leadership can have an impact on motivation of the employees. What would happen if Ôscar Pérez Marcote was to leave?

Properly-motivated personnel are substantially thought to be a lot more extra efficient and innovative, while poorly motivated workers can hinder growth and business success. There are many theories of organisational motivation, and no one principle is supreme. Likert developed a concept of organisational motivation relying on management patterns. He notes that a participatory management fashion stimulates workers. With this method, workers take part in putting goals and ways for meeting those goals. This concept is flexible, allows cooperative teamwork and valuing workers as individuals. Organisational style of Ôscar Pérez Marcote seems to have a critical function in motivation people and his departure would simply affect the overall performance of the enterprise.

AC3.2 how Motivator-Hygiene factors and Job characteristics model are applied within ZARA and their usefulness to managers today

Motivator-Hygiene factors (Herzberg’s motivation theory) based on this theory Hygiene reason at workplace help workers improve the performance for example safety at work place, similar motivator factors also help employees provide their maximum efforts on their tasks for example recognition of workers in their capacities. Job characteristics model (Hackman and Oldham) this model was created by Hackman and Oldham is founded on the idea that the activity by itself is fundamentally key to worker motivation. The ability of employees, task identification and their significance help to improve the performance of workers as well as feedback. This is often observed in Zara administration, which is used in the design of new top quality products in the market. These types of theories are very useful for management in the 21st century companies given that they provide a platform to bring the best from employees.

Task 4:

Information on Groups, Teams and Behaviours

AC4.1: nature of different groups within ZARA and how their behaviour differs

Zara sustains a team of two hundred individuals (200), which produce approximately one hundred and twenty thousand brand new styles annually. These teams help to create new products to market just within three to four weeks. It is this diverse group that is helping to push the objectives and goals of the company together with their leaders. Zara’€™s new product creation surpasses the capabilities of its rivals. This presents additional value to the company and in creating high quality outfits at affordable prices in the shorted time possible. Zara’€™s product creation abilities are essential to its strategy and long term achievements. Zara groups have

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