What is virtual management and discuss types of Virtual organization.

virtual management
A virtual manager is a tool that allows the management to monitor computer from a single workstation. who manage the worker remotely, .Virtual management it is important feature of virtualization, or may even be used to describe some kinds of specific software products and services.
they rely on the figures and the results due to the absence of direct human relations. However, it also depends on the understanding and trust established by the Director in staff led by without that knows them and possibly without being seen.
types of Virtual organization.
1- Organization Network
‘ its a work organization that consists of several autonomous firm, controlling the interaction and transferring the information, who in work place and uses a business region of a formal firm as well as that consists of many legally independent organizations ‘the tasks must be flexible by perception , sensing and responding instead of make and trading as well as operating with interim alliances . ‘
2- Objective Virtual Organization
‘ an objective virtual organization is a formal organization that made up of humans and virtual actors to execute the activities, while, the virtual actors in general replace the humans’ works. The virtual actors fulfill the work like ordering drink for a client, paying salaries or calculating bills and bonuses to the employees. ‘
3- Subjective Virtual Organization
‘ Subjective virtual organization an artifact organization that is inside the virtual domain which has the biggest influencer to participate with humans. It is a virtual world where the actions of an individual’s and statements will be responded by the virtual or human actors. In this structure, the restriction between virtual and real world are going to be less important as people wandering, interacting, communicating, and take part in the virtual domain. It can become virtual meeting places, working offices, and communities of an organization.’
Q-2 Give a suitable approach with example for adopting a Make or Buy decision.
‘ how the managers can analyze the costs to make short-term outsourcing decisions using incremental analysis.
both qualitative and quantitate have to be considered. This type of decision is called a ‘make or buy’ decision because it include a decision of whether to carry on ‘making’ manufacturing the product vs buying the product from outside firm,
. outsourcing enables a company to reduce the costs or benefit from the provider productivity ‘
Example 1

Q-3 Explain the significance of new fundamental requirements for competitiveness.

‘ in order to crate agile organization
‘ Organization must do a certain thing such as
‘ 1 -ability or fast reconfigurability of the entities in collaboration, in order to respond to the market changes the ability to adapt in the manufacturing system’s
‘ 2- ability to be maintained easily and quickly, and smoothly in order to respond to manufacturing demand and customer needs,
‘ ability to improve their manufacturing system’s continue to work in the face of inconvenience changing its structure, behavior and properties, accordingly to new situations that they face,
‘ considering as disturbance any event not previously specified. Agility also includes the high responsiveness feature.
‘ 4 -ability to face challenges and risks associated with creating a more agile organization
‘ considering as disturbance any event not previously specified. Agility also includes the high responsiveness feature.
‘ ‘ from the book
‘ ‘ the competitive pressures companies are forcing to leave the traditional approach of product evolution and manufacturing, a series of detached and centralised steps, and adopt new shape of sharing risks and taking profit from opportunities on a competitive basis, as project , firm and manufacturing systems does not depend on the physical distance between the enterprise elements. ” from the book
‘ ‘ besides agility, the competitiveness of the new firm models demand the cooperation with the best resources to each function. This way, to each market or business opportunity, a new configuration of resources could be the most suitable answer, which determines a limited period to the copartnership , Which the ability of an firm to consistently get and coordinate critical competencies through the design and gain benefit, business processes and governance mechanisms involving around the external and the internal elements to deliver differential, value in the market place, around the world are willing to build a partnership to provide opportunity for the market.. ”from the book

‘ means the ability for efficient access, negotiation and interoperation with the set of a resources selected to cooperate with. as the task of improving the performance of large gathering processes by managing the interactions among contributor Defending the new firm models as integrate resources from the globally set of disseminate resources, the goals and processes of functions can department within an project must be managed and integrated along customer supply chain” from the book

Scalability and business alignment
‘ ‘ that the structure of resources is not static, and can be permanently subject of alignment with business needs and demand . This requirement is intimately related with the requirement for fast adaptability or reconfigurability. ” from the book

Evolutionary capability

‘ ‘ is the ability to learn the history, analysing the weaknesses and the strengths of the past.
‘ When competitiveness depend on the ability of dynamic reconfigurability and on a permanent alignment of the enterprise, partnership or network with the market environment,the new firm models must address the above set of requirements for competitiveness. ‘from the book

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