A relationship study between product placement strategy and consumer buying behavior in entertainment industry

Dissertation plan

2. Background to the Study:

Product Placement
Product placement is a form of promotion and advertising in which brands, products, or services are placed in television shows or movies. In the other words, Product placement can call embedded advertisement. It is through the roles of actor/actress, dedicated sceneries, designed scripts and conversations to increase promotion effectiveness.

Also, Product placement is outstanding in other marketing approach, because it derives commercial gain from “the context and environment within which the product is displayed or used” directly.

For the advantage, product placement can make audiences to have impressions about particular product which is unconsciously. Also, it is allows advertisers to escape ‘commercial zapping’, because audiences can’t skip over the products placed within media content.

For the disadvantage, it is lack of control over how products are portrayed or incorporated into the scene or storyline.

Coca- cola and Cheerios’s product placement
Andrew Lloyd Evita
In the movie, there had a slide which Clark Kent eating Cheerios for breakfast in Small Ville.
Superman: The Movie and the sequel Superman 2.
In Superman 2’s, Superman breaks a huge advertisement of Coca-Cola and saves all the passengers who inside the bus.

Product Placements fall into two categories:

Active placement- means the product or product name is actually talked and used by actors/actresses in movie/ TV show.

In 2014’s Oscar, there were a selfie part of Samsung Phone which involved the winners and nominees. For example, Jared Leto, Channing Tatum, Kevin Spacey, Jared Leto, Brad Pitt, etc. On the other hand, Samsung is one of the sponsorships of Oscars. It is a successful example, it caused many focus.

Passive placement- means the product or logo or name is showed in the background of the movie or TV show. In the other word, it is a visual placement and it can increase brand’s exposure and audience’s recognition. Passive placement along with additional triggers like sample testing, contests etc. within the entertainment industry can develop the brand loyalty.

ICICI bank is featured in the movie which called Baghban. There was an actor which acted an employee of ICICI bank. It was an added advantage because Amitabh is already its brand ambassador.

3. Overall research Aim:
1) Identify the target audience segment in demographics and behaviors of the segment
2) Study the characteristic and the trend of product placement
3) Compare Chinese and American’s attitude of product placement
4) Measure the effectiveness of product placement in entertainment industry
5) Identify the affective of product placement on consumer buying behavior
6) Suggest the suitable advertising execution techniques to improve product placement strategy

4. Research Objectives:

The objectives of the study are to:

1) Identify the target audience segment in demographics and behaviors of the segment
2) Identify audience’s understanding of product placement
3) Understand Chinese and American’s attitude of product placement strategy
4) Identify the effectiveness factors of product placement strategy
5) Identify the relationship between product placement and consumer buying behavior
6) Suggest the suitable advertising execution techniques that can improve product placement strategy

Base on the objectives, it conducted few hypothecs.

H1: Different segment will reflect different buying behavior
H2: Buyers decision making process is significantly positively to consumer buying behavior
H3: The attitudes of Chinese and American can affect by the product placement strategy
H4: There are direct relationship between Product placement and consumer buying behavior
H5: Advertising execution is the important strategies of product placement

5. Initial Review of Relevant Literature:

5.1. Buyers’ decision making process

1) Need Recognition and Awareness

Consumer recognizes the need or want of them. After that, identify the category of product which can fulfill their need or want.
2) Information Search
Consumer will search the product and the detail information of product that could fulfill their recognized need.
3) Evaluation of Alternatives
Consumer will evaluate the choices of product which searched before. Generally, there would be few product alternatives for consumer to understand which one most suitable. After that, the consumer may compare these products.

4) Purchase
After the consumer has analyzed all the choices, they will decide which product or service is the most suitable, and purchases it. On the other hand, there are two things which may affect consumer’s decision. One is the opinions of peers and not expected circumstances.
5) Post Purchase Evaluation
After finished the step of purchase, consumer will get an experience through the product or service. They may satisfy or dissatisfy. In the other words, it is an evaluation of the product or service. The evaluation will affect the opportunity of repurchase. The consumer will base on the experience and decide repurchase the product or not. If not, it will turn to the first again which is ‘need recognition and awareness’.
5.2 Advertising / Creative Execution Techniques

Advertising execution refers to the manner in which advertising appeal in carried out or presented.

There are 12 types to creative the advertisement, which are Straight-sell/factual message, Science/technical evidence, Demonstration, Comparison, Slice of life, Testimonial, Animation, Personality Symbol, Fantasy, Dramatization, Humor, Combinations.

1) Straight-sell/factual message
This type of execution relies on a straight forward presentation of information about the product/service. For example, specific attributes or benefits.

2) Science/technical evidence
It is variations of the straight sell where scientific or technical evidence or information is presented in the advertisement to support a claim.

3) Demonstration
This type of execution is designed to illustrate the key advantages or benefits of a product /service by showing it in actual use or in some unnatural or staged situation.

4) Comparison
This type of execution is involving a direct or indirect comparison of the brand against the competition

5) Testimonials
This type is present the messages in the form of a testimonial whereby a person speaks on behalf of the product/ service based on audience’s personal use or experiences with it.

6) Slice of life
This type of execution is often based on a problem type of format. The advertisement attempts to portray a real life situation involving a problem, conflict or situation which audiences may face in their daily life. The advertisement often focuses on showing how the product or service can solve the problems. This execution is common in Business-to-Business advertising.

7) Animation
This type is technique that used animated characters or scenes drawn by artists or on computer. It often targeted children.

8) Personality symbol
This type is involves the use of the central character/ personality symbol to deliver the advertising message and with which the product/service can be identified. The personality symbol can take the form of a person who is used as a spokesperson, animated characters or even animals.

9) Fantasy
This type of appeal is often used for image advertising by showing an imaginary situation or impression involving a audiences and the product/service. For example, cosmetic brands often use fantasy executions although the technique has also been used in advertising for other products such as beer and automobiles.

10) Dramatization
This execution technique creates a suspenseful situation or scenario in the form of a short story. It is often use the problem approach as they show how the advertised brand can help to resolve the problem.

11) Humor
This type can be used as the basis for an advertising appeal. However, humor can also be used as a way of executing the message and presenting other types of advertising appeals.

12) Combinations
This means many of these execution techniques can be combined in presenting an advertising message. For example, slice-of-life advertisements are often used to demonstrate a product or make brand comparisons.

6. Research Methods (Justification and Description):
There are two types of research methods of this Dissertation. They are primary research and secondary research.

For secondary research, it aims to find the business environment and overall view of the entertainment industry as they are easier found in secondary research which discloses in many ways. The confidential secondary research will be selected for the project as only official information will be used in the case.

For primary research, it aims to find out some specific views which secondary research is not provided. Through survey, more data related to entertainment industry will be collected to analyze what audiences feel and think of product placement. Also, the survey can help to estimate the effectiveness of product placement.

6.1. Information to be collected:
Secondary research:
1) The history and characteristic of product placement
2) The definition of product placement, buyers decision making process, dimensional frameworks
3) Examples of product placement which is successful and unsuccessful
4) The development of product placement strategy
5) Suitable information of entertainment industry

Primary research:
1) The buying behavior of audiences
2) The factors which affect audience’s decision making
3) The most effective frameworks
4) The audiences segment in demographics
5) Recommendation for product placement

6.2. How information will be collected:
It will use secondary and primary research to collect suitable information.

Secondary research is important in this dissertation, which including scholarly observations, academic journal articles and some analysis data that provided by reliable secondary sources. These researches can help this dissertation to be more comprehensive and more objective.

For primary data, it will collect by questionnaire with audiences, who accessed product placement in the short period of time.

6.3. Analysis technique(s):
SPSS (Statistical Product and Service Solutions) is one of the analysis techniques, which is very useful. It will be used in this study.
It can help users to collect the data, analysis the data and entry the data. In the other words, SPSS software is used for statistical and chart analysis. Also, it can manage the data and output effectively.

6.4 Limitations
There is not rich detailed information about product placement. Also, internet is not comprehensive enough for providing customers behavior. For solution, primary research and data can help tackling the limitation of secondary research.

7. Timeline of Dissertation:

Week 1 Review of relevant information and background
Week 2 confirm the title of Dissertation
Week 3 Identify the Aims and Research Objectives
Week 4 Prepare some relevant article and journal
Week 5 Select suitable theories and frameworks
Week 6 Select suitable research methods and understand the techniques
Week 7 Prepare the outline of Dissertation
Week 8 Submit the outline of Dissertation
Week 9 Literature review
Week 10 Literature review
Week 11 Literature review
Week 12 Literature review
Week 13 Literature review
Week 14 Design the questionnaire
Week 15 Confirm schedule of questionnaire and pilot test interview question
Week 16 Conduct the questionnaire
Week 17 Conduct the questionnaire
Week 18 Information analysis
Week 19 Information analysis
Week 20 Data analysis
Week 21 Data analysis
Week 22 Combine all findings and proof read
Week 23 Submit complete draft
Week 24 Proof read and finishes the reference list
Week 25 Final correction of Dissertation
Week 26 Submit Dissertation

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