Coca cola – brands

Coca-Cola is a global manufacturer of a vast range of products, which are produced all over the world, many products are sold only in certain countries. These products are therefore not further treated.

The Dutch Coca-Cola produces only 16 brands, including the various Coca-Cola brands, Sprite, Fanta and example Aquarius. In addition, Coca-Cola makes brands different water and sports drinks, including Coca-Cola producer of Capri-Sun.

On the Dutch market are four different defined Cola brands, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Life, Coca-Cola Light and Coca-Cola Zero.

– Coca-Cola has three variants, the standard Coke, Cherry Coke and Coca-Cola Vanilla.

– Coca-Cola Life has only one variant, this Coca-Cola was only released in 2013.

– Coca-Cola Light again consists of three variants. The standard Coca-Cola Light, in addition to the Diet Coke and Caffeine Free Coca-Cola Light Lemon.

– Coca-Cola Zero is available in two variants, Zero and Zero Caffeine Free.

Aquarius is also a brand of Coca-Cola, here are five different flavors available, namely Bleu Berry, Lemon, Orange, Red Peach and Lemon Zero

Other brands of Coca-Cola with several different flavors:

– Capri Sun with the flavors: Orange, Multivitamin, Red Fruits, Safari Fruits, Tea & Peach and Tropical

– Fanta with the flavors: Cassis, Lemon, Orange, Raspberry Passion Fruit, Cassis Zero, Zero Lemon, Orange Zero and Zero Pomelo

– Fernandes with the following flavors: Cherry, Guarana, Green Punch, Watermelon Pink, Purple Sensation, Red Grape, Sparkling Coco, Super Pineapple and Cherry Bouquet Sugarfree.

– Kinley with the flavors: Bitter Lemon and Tonic.

– Minute Maid with the flavors: Apple, Multivitamins, orange and tomato.

– Monster with the flavors: Assault, Energy, Energy Absolutely Zero Energy The Doctor, Rehab and Ripper.

– Nestea with the flavors: Green Tea, Lemon, Peach and Sparkling

– Schweppes with the flavors: Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale, Indian Tonic and Bitter Lemon Light.

– Chaudfontaine with the various versions: slightly effervescent, sparkling and not sparkling.

– Sprite and Sprite Zero.

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