Essay: Advertising effect on purchasing decisions

We collected data through both primary and secondary sources.
For the collection of primary data, we prepared a structured questionnaire aimed at knowing what advertisement platforms effect the consumption patterns of customers. This questionnaire was floated through the internet. The total number of respondents was 95 but some of them were redundant. So after filtering, the numbers of respondents left were 86. This was the sample size we used for our research. The method of sampling used was convenience and judgmental sampling.
Most of the secondary data was collected through the internet and blogs by various experts in this field.
Techniques used

The techinques used were ANOVA, Spearman’s correlation and chi square tests.
ANOVA was used to find out whether males and females have similar of different perceptions regarding quality, price, ambience, taste, nutrition, convenience, variety in food menu and proximity to workplace and also whether different age groups have different perceptions regarding quality, price, ambience, taste, nutrition, convenience, variety in food menu and proximity to workplace.
Spearman’s correlation was used to find out if there is any significant correlation between the age of a person and his frequency of consumption of fast food and also between the income of a person and his frequency of fast food consumption.
Chi Square test was used to determine if there is any significant association between gender and the place where they eat fast food.
Chronbach alpha test was used to check the reliability of the questionnaire.
5. Exploratory Research
Exploratory Research for this project was done by conducting personal interviews by 8 candidates and the summary of their responses are shown below in interview insights.
Interview Insights:
Q1. Does advertisement affects your preferences in purchasing mobiles?
Ans. All the respondents answered this question in positive.

Q2. On which platform do you mostly visit advertisements?
Ans. Answer to this question varied from respondent to respondent. One said that his exposure time to TV is quite high so he likes ads on TV. One respondent said he finds ads on internet to be more informative. One respondent answered that he finds advertisement in magazines to be more technically correct.

Q3.What kind of ads do you like?
Ans. Almost all of the respondents were with the fact that the advertisements describing the technological specifications with special features like panorama view, wink selfies etc are most interesting. When asked, respondents agreed to the fact that they get attracted to the emotional or humane touch given to the advertisements.

Q4. Which of the advertisement platforms is the major source of awareness for you?
Ans. All the respondents agreed on the fact that TV is the basic source for awareness and it is on TV where they first encounter advertisement of new mobile phone. One of the respondent added that it is Social Media where he first comes to know about upcoming mobiles of Samsung
Q5. Respondents were asked to arrange the following platforms in such a way that the platform arranged first has greater impact on respondent than the following one. Platforms are Televisions, Radios, Newspapers, Magazines and Internet.
Ans. R1: TV>Internet>Newspapers>Magazines>Radio.
R2: Internet>Magazines>TV>Radio>Newspapers.
R3: TV>Magazines>Internet>Newspapers>Radio
R4: TV>Radio>Newspapers>Magazines>Internet.

Q6. At what time do they often watch TV?
Ans. Respondents said there is no fixed time for them to watch TV. But when they do, they watch crocket matches, Hollywood movies and business news. Here an inference could be taken that even they don’t have any fixed time. But generally they watch it during weekend afternoon and evenings.

Q7. What kind of new advertisements do you find interesting?
Ans. Respondents answered they do like gaming events conducted by companies in mall aisles and institutes. One respondent also quoted an example another company where he came to know about the product because it was associated with a gaming event. When he started reading about the event, he eventually ended up with knowing about the product.

Q7. Do brand ambassador influence your preferences in category of phones?
Ans. They were with the fact that while buying phones they go with the features and ambassador matters the least.

Q8.Does frequency impacts your decision?
Ans. Respondents realised that regular advertisements keep them updated about the products and these ads remind them about the phones otherwise which they may have forgot about the product.

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