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Our today lives are loaded with advertisements so it almost impossible for anyone of us to go un-noticed about the latest product in the stores. Almost everyone has experienced purchasing a product by its advertisement. Being a form of communication, advertisements are employed by the companies to persuade the audience to use their products. These advertisements are usually sponsored and are displayed through various media bodies including electronic and print media.

The main purpose of advertisements is to make the product more purchased and used by the people. These advertisements have very positive and persuasive language in order to draw the attention of the consumers. The underlying ideas of advertising are of human needs and requirements. These two things suggest about the prevalence of the goods for satisfying them. The goods could be anything which can fulfill their needs and requirements and they are presented in the market with the purpose of gaining attraction of the consumers. The advertisers make people believe that their product will fulfill their needs and desires.

Now advertisement has become a part of our lives to such an extent that we cannot think of our radio, television, newspaper, internet and even streets without advertisement, it seems that every minute of our lives is connected with these ads. According to one report, in 1980s approximately $120 billion was used in one year on advertising to attract the public to purchase the products or services.
These advertisements have influenced our lives to such an extent that now we live in the fantasy world of ads. Even if a person has limited resources to buy a particular product still that product’s impact is so strong that he keeps on thinking of the ways which could help him get that product and this is obviously due to the advertisement done on that product. It is likely that these advertisements exaggerate and beautify the products so more and more people can be made attentive towards the product.

Advertisement now has become our prevalent creative industry. It sucks up our ability in design, creativity and art. It has become a part of our routine life and no one can stop himself from thinking about these ads. According to a report average British television viewer is now exposed to around 48 TV ads per day. According to another research, on average, an individual is exposed to 3000 commercials in a single day. Our habits, clothing, entertainment, decision of colleges or universities, daily life items, mode of travel and food choices are all decided by these commercials.
Besides all above discussion these ads also serve useful purposes. These can serve as a powerful and effective tool to motivate public for campaigns against any disease, poverty or war. They can be used by the governments to restrain the promotion of health hazardous products like tobacco.

Life today has become so much facilitated by technology that it has made our lives less mobile and this has made our generation couch potatoes spending most of their time in front of television and inevitably too many advertisements. Craze for a particular brand or fast food restaurant is all due to these advertisements.

Unconsciously we are led to living the way these advertisements decide for us. The influence and power of advertisement is overwhelming. It has the power to prevail and no doubt our daily life is now strongly in the ad grip. It has taken from us our leisure time and pushed us to live in a deadly world of things focusing just on the ways to increase our income rather than to spend time on activities which give us pleasure.

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