Research Design
Title :
The Impact of Internet Marketing on Business Management in Dubai.
Articulation of the Problem:
The articulation of the problem is to have a clear understanding of the Impact of Internet Marketing on Business Management in Dubai.
Objectives of the Study:
To develop a thorough knowledge about the impact of the Internet Marketing on Business Management in Dubai sector amongst the most competitive economies.
Extent of the Study:
1. Bestow the expanding advantages to this sector.
2. Will assume a viable part in my outlook to this field.
Data Compilation Method:
The source of information in this study is basically primary in nature. It was gathered from sites of logistics company profile and research papers related to this topic.
Restrictions of the Study:
1. Time is a constraining element for this study, since the theme is immense
2. Only limited sample size was taken due to time constraints.

Internet marketing is developing as a necessary piece of business systems in today’s innovatively exceptional world and the business exercises everywhere throughout the world are impacts with the rise of this current promoting apparatus. This minor venture is gone for investigating the examples of Dubai business in receiving Internet Marketing. In this respects a quantitative study is led among 50 samples, of Dubai exploring them about the level that they have come to in using Internet Marketing and to observe the impacts drawn on their item advancement and valuing approach effecting from the buyer examine that the firm leads through Internet Marketing. The minor undertaking introduces a perspective of the present patterns and circumstance of Dubai business world as for reception of Internet Marketing with the assistance of data accumulated from auxiliary and additionally essential sources. The study is centered around following the impacts of Internet Marketing on the item advancement and evaluating approach of Dubai business associations so that the results of e-promoting could be assessed as far as change in customer relations, execution and productivity of the associations.

Internet has developed as an effective marketing instrument as a consequence of continuous headways in innovation and the organizations everywhere throughout the world are focusing towards changing their showcasing arrangements into Internet Marketing methods. Like every other piece of the world the business group of United Arab Emirates is likewise adjusting its methods as per the progressions happening in the innovative world. Dubai being a critical business focal point of Middle East is essential issue of consideration of IT industry because of its crucial geographic and financial condition and quick advancement rate throughout the most recent couple of decades. Alongside section of time the web clients are ascending in the city and the business associations working in Dubai are likewise turning towards present day methods for doing organizations. This pattern has offered force to the idea of Internet Marketing among the business group of Dubai and a hefty portion of the organizations associations in Dubai have now received Internet Marketing as the significant promoting instrument for their organizations. In this setting the effect of Internet Marketing on these organizations ought to be obviously characterized so that keeping in view the effects, the associations can plan sufficient arrangements for their advertising and can get ready to face the forthcoming difficulties of cutting edge and innovation based business environment.

A few endeavors have been made to screen the effect of Internet Marketing on the execution, productivity and benefit of organizations everywhere throughout the world, Dubai is concerned little research work is done so far to gauge the effect on web Marketing on the business associations of Dubai. There is little comprehension of the matter that up to what degree the business associations of Dubai are using Internet Marketing for directing buyer examination and what is the part of that purchaser explore in deciding the item improvement, valuing approach and organization’s benefit. This exposition is gone for filling the hole that is found in the inquires about directed so far around this theme and with the assistance of study among 50 samples the exposition has a tendency to investigate the level up to which the business associations of Dubai are making utilization of Internet Marketing for shopper examination and the utilization of that exploration to focus the value, item advancement what’s more, benefit of the organizations.

Increasing market share is the ultimate goal of any small business marketing plan. Small businesses enter their industries as the underdogs, taking any competitive advantages they can to gain customers from their established competitors. Many of the techniques used to gain market share can be found in marketing plans, making market share growth an unavoidable objective of a comprehensive marketing plan. Tracking the company’s rate of new customer acquisition is an effective way to gauge a marketing plan’s contribution to growing market share. Put a simple system in place to ascertain whether each customer you serve during your marketing campaign is a new or existing customer and compare the new customer numbers each day during the campaign to gauge progress toward your goal the main objectives of the study are:
‘ To study the Internet Marketing utilization in Dubai businesses.
‘ To study how much the usage of Internet as a Marketing tool by the business organizations of Dubai.
‘ To learn the benefit of Internet Marketing in terms of increase in profitability of the firms.

The study is produced on the method of reasoning of the hole bring up in writing that there is little examination work done while keeping the organizations of Dubai at the main issue and there are few examines that find the issues related with the use of web Marketing and its impacts on organizations of Dubai. In the exceedingly aggressive commercial center it is pivotal to screen the effects of one variable over other so that to enhance the circumstances the variables could be conform and utilized as needs be. Henceforth the exposition is taking into account the point of unraveling the effect of web marketing on the other variable (organizations of Dubai) with the assistance of a factual review and in addition audit of concerned writing.

Web that is considered as a proficient medium to get to, compose, convey and offer correspondence (Levy, 1996) is drawing erratic effects on the business exercises. The showcasing methodologies of the organizations are additionally abundantly roused and influenced with the rise of this development innovation and huge numbers of the specialists accept that the development and spread of web with a phenomenal pace in the course of the most recent couple of decades has brought about its expanded utilization for promoting reason however while it is not a simple employment to quantify the effect of web on the promoting exercises and their results in light of the fact that progressions happen in the current business world so quick that considering the pace with which improvements and changes take place on the Internet it is practically difficult to foresee the effect of Internet Marketing. Specifically, Internet Promoting has tested item advancement and the idea of advertising itself. In conventional promoting, data was frequently accumulated from clients to create items that clients’ fulfillment, on the other hand, the more prominent data extravagance that the Internet accommodates both business and clients implies that business chiefs must take advantage of this innovation to satisfy the perpetually expanding purchaser requests, furthermore to contend positively in the progressively focused business front. It is accepted that development of Internet is firmly connected with the showcasing methodologies of the organizations on the grounds that Internet empowers the association of data through the utilization of hyper media and in the meantime Internet likewise holds genuine ramifications for showcasing because of which web is considered as a “mix of electronic exchange show and a group insect market.
Web was presented in UAE by ETISALAT in August 1995 and in 1999 ETISALAT ate the worth included Internet wandering administration in the nation. this administration permitted the Internet dial-up clients to perform different online exercises at the rate of nearby call counting getting to their ISP from anyplace on the planet, perusing and recovering email messages and skimming the internet. This office was supplier to the web clients since UAE turned into the individual from Global Roaming Internet Center – an around the world collusion of ISPs (UAE Gov. Site). From that point forward Dubai is en route to embrace and execute Web in distinctive parts of economy and life and as per the World IT report there is record increment in the quantities of web clients being used in 2003. Dubai is moving quick towards the developing patterns of web use in business exercises. At government level there are surprising endeavors being done to advance web use in the business associations of Dubai. Arrangement of Dubai e-government is viewed as a pioneer activity that is proposed to give corporate and group life administrations to individuals by means of web and through this e-government entrance Dubai is driving the area concerning reception and execution of IT based applications in the corporate business. The foundation of Dubai’s sans third zone was likewise a vital step that energizes the development of internet and e-business in the city. Sudha Chandran, Yousef Khalili (2001) saw that the administration of Dubai has perceived the significance of web Marketing for better execution of the organizations and it is uncovered by one of the administration official that as web and e-business are spreading in Dubai the advertising viewpoints is additionally increasing critical significance and the legislature is making stride to advance distinctive administrations and data through the utilization of web and subsequently diverse promoting exercises are being performed at distinctive levels in Dubai through web. A sample of such steps is the dispatch of “e4all” under the Dubai e-Government promoting program that offers the quality bundles to the people, little and medium undertakings and extensive partnerships. Through this bundle PCs re provided the organizations at extraordinary costs. Besides it moreover offers mixed bag of administrations like tweaked equipment and programming, portion plans, end-client guarantee and additional items including free memberships to IT magazines and so forth. Internet Marketing in an expansive point of view and using it as a powerful instrument of advertising to accomplish authoritative destinations like solid correspondence joins with the clients, ascend in productivity and so forth.
This study aims at examining the impact of Internet Marketing on product development and pricing in order to form a better understanding of how Dubai’s businesses are adapting to the changes in the marketplace brought about by advances in IT.
Traditionally a five-point scale is used under this methodology’. For this study also the five point scale system is used and the respondents were asked to express their opinions about the given statement by picking the answer from the given 5 options: ‘Strongly disagree, Disagree, neither agree nor disagree, Agree and strongly agree’. These points were also rates from 1-5 where
* = Strongly disagree
** = Disagree
*** = Neither agree nor disagree
**** = Agree
***** = Strongly agree
Before the final distribution of the questionnaire a small pilot study was carried out in Dubai where 20 copies of the questionnaire were distributed randomly and responses were collected and analyzed from the answers.
Q1. Over the last five years there is impressive increase in the utilization of web for online marketing
Q2. Does company at present mainly rely on Internet for marketing their products/services?
Q3. Do you think there is an overall rise in the profitability of businesses after the adopting of Internet Marketing?
Q4. Do you find internet an effective medium to conduct the consumer research?
Q5. Do you think the results of online internet marketing enable us to formulate consumer friendly policies?
Q6. Do you think consumer research done through internet marketing helps in formulating the price policy of the product/service.
Q7. To what extent you think online marketing grabs the attention of consumers
Q8. Does the consumer research through internet enable us to have better understanding of consumers’ needs and demands.
Q9. Does online marketing helps to build better relationship between the consumers and the company?
Q10. Does overall increase in use of internet makes online marketing a better choice over other Medias?


Opinion No: of Respondents Percentage
* 2 4%
** 4 8%
*** 10 20%
**** 12 24%
***** 22 44%


Opinion No: of Respondents Percentage
* 3 6%
** 3 6%
*** 10 20%
**** 16 32%
***** 18 36%


Opinion No: of Respondents Percentage
* 2 4%
** 4 8%
*** 10 20%
**** 12 24%
***** 22 44%

Opinion No: of Respondents Percentage
* 0 0%
** 1 2%
*** 5 10%
**** 31 62%
***** 6 12%


Opinion No: of Respondents Percentage
* 5 10%
** 3 6%
*** 21 42%
**** 12 24%
***** 9 18%


Opinion No of respondents Percentage%
* 2 4%
** 6 12%
*** 15 30%
**** 16 32%
***** 11 22%


Opinion no of respondents Percentage
* 4 8%
** 8 16%
*** 13 26%
**** 15 30%
***** 10 20%


Opinion No of respondents Percentage%
* 3 6%
** 9 18%
*** 9 18%
**** 13 26%
***** 16 32%

Opinion No of respondents Percentage%
* 2 4%
** 1 2%
*** 15 30%
**** 16 32%
***** 16 32%


Opinion No of respondents Percentage%
* 8 16%
** 5 10%
*** 10 20%
**** 11 22%
***** 16 32%

The study investigates diverse parts of internet marketing and its effect on the organizations of Dubai with the assistance of writing audit and factual review among the 50 samples. The result of the study demonstrate that web promoting is successful apparatuses for the organizations and so as to make due in the exceedingly aggressive commercial center now the organizations are fundamentally obliged embracing internet marketing. This mini project is based on a mixed methodological approach and completed by utilizing the quantitative and qualitative research methods. In this regards the secondary analysis of data is conducts along with the statistical survey and finally the dissertation come up with the answers of the research questions. The research was based on finding out the adopting of Internet Marketing by the business organizations of Dubai and its impact on the businesses. It is revealed that Internet Marketing is gaining popularity among the business organizations of Dubai and as a result these organizations are also enjoying several benefits associated with the adopting of Internet Marketing like better understanding of the consumer demands and expectation, effective price and product development policy.


‘ Dave Chaffey (2007) Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Marketing,Dave Chaffey’s Internet marketing & E-marketing Blog 2007

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