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I composed to focus the idea of on processing the need for creation and implementation of a team and how to build an effective team in the marketing department. In this juncture, the need to accumulative plea for organizational change and development process, lots of issues that just were not being addressed toward achieving organisation’s long, long time ago. A small amount of people disagree that full observation of every part of an organization toward a common goals is a main support to the development of it productions and services.
Organization is a social unit of people that is structural and to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. This indeed requires the enhancement of individual’s quality of members especially to growth the effectiveness of their resources of the organization.
Sir, as I appointed out recently that promotion of interaction and interdependency among employee improves organization chances of built an effective team. It also similarly an essential note that the interaction and interdependency can be effective in term of handling the size of employee working as a team equipped with resources. Furthermore, team work enhance organizational learning by enabling members to create their own initiative and strategic that best matched to their own work. In light of the above, this report format seeks to discuss the idea of team into effective and production in the marketing department. Under the following directions:
Forming: group members get to know each other, establishing guidelines, goals and processes, assessing and breaking down the task at hand
Storming: individuals assert themselves and develop preferences, with arguments or disagreements potentially arising about how to proceed
Norming: work begins in a more organized and coordinated manner, rules and processes are established and progress is made
Performing: the team as a whole focuses entirely on the task and its completion

Under those guidelines, also we have team effectiveness which:-

Clear Goals

Goals should be specific enough to give the team direction. A goal should also state the ends, rather than the means. Therefore the end of our collective effort as a team is to showcase our in the marketing department equipment and to make customer believe in that by listening and responding to the customer in a professional way.

Accountability and Responsibility

Our team is ready to enjoy decision making authority along with accountability and responsibility for actions. This however does not guarantee that some failures are inevitable by accountability. It rather suggests that teams need to monitor customer expectations and also their own performance.


For any team to operate effectively it must have access to resources. These resources can include money, time, equipment, technology, people and information. Provision of resources requires without compromise trust on the part of the organization and responsibility on the part of the team members.

Training and development

In this point above highlighted the importance of training for team leaders. However, most, if not all, team members are likely to require training. Employees may need to learn new skills such as budgeting, computing, public relations and marketing, as well as skills which allow them to work together effectively, such as effective communication, confliction resolution and problem solving.

Concept of a team building

The Team Management Concept is a perception that is undertaken when a task cannot be done by one individual. Individuals need to come as one, discuss things among themselves and work together towards the realization of a common goal. These individuals who are forming a team should idyllically think more or less on the same lines and should have like interests and objective (ED Poll, 2012). Although teams groups have always been central part of the organizations, they are gaining increase attention as potentially important organizational asset.

Team managing

A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they are mutually accountable.” (Katzenbach and Smith, 1993)

Effectiveness of a team building

Refers to the system of getting people in a company or institution to work together effectively. In this situation whereby the team has a common focus, including clear and understandable goals, plans of action and ways to measure success. ( wise GEEK. 2014. Available at:

The important of identity

Is a conception and expression of their individuality or group affiliations. The concept is given a great deal of attention in social psychology and is important in place identity where its shows important because it helps us to know who we are and what we stand for in a given situation or society. . In more explict terms is between at least two interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scare resources, and interference from others in achieving their goals, and the moment of making decision to confront the condition.

The conflict process can be seen as comprising five stages. The circumstances that deserve the existence of conflict need not necessary meant to arise the conflict, but one of such conditions can be found essentially when the conflict arise.

Stage 1: Potential Opposition/Incompatibility

It is normal in the conduct of individuals to restrict plans or suggestions that confuse their own specific method for considerations, where is the presence of conditions that create opportunities for conflict to arise.

Basically structure of a group, association or social order can expand the probabilities of the event of clash. Specialization appended to an aggregation in an organization/team, jurisdictional clarity between parts of an association, family/society pioneers, authority style and prize framework all can clear approach to event of clash. An alternate reason for clash could be identity characteristics, for example, objectionableness and accompanying toward oneself state of mind outcome into tangle with other individuals’ decision/suggestion.


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