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As we push forward into the second decade of the 21st century marketing is continuing to evolve and expand at an ever increasing pace. Today you need an agency that specializes in developing Integrated Marketing Communication plans that properly allocate resources across all of the correct marketing channels both new and old for your business.
Once the marketing channels are identified and the resources are properly allocated, then it becomes a matter of developing an overarching brand strategy that is custom tailored to your market environment, customers, competitors, and employees. This strategy becomes a blueprint for you to execute against.
O2’s foray into 4G advertising asked us “to be more dog”. The overall message of the campaign is that life in the digital 21st century is amazing, there are countless things around that should amaze and inspire us, but we have become too jaded by experience to appreciate the multitude of opportunities afforded us by technology. In short, we’ve become too cat (disinterested and aloof) while we should be embracing our inner dog (energised, interested and excited by the possibilities of everyday life).
‘ Coherence. From print ads and TV commercials to interactive games that allow you to throw a frisbee from your smartphone to the cat on your PC and or sending dog bombs to your friends, all communications adhere to the simple central premise ‘ to take life by the scruff and make the most of opportunities.
‘ Consistency. Once again the strong central premise allowed comms across series platforms to adhere to key points. TV advertising slots drove viewers to where quizzes a quiz determine how dog they were and then share the results through social channels. The aided reach and engagement and helped the launch ad achieve 385,000 YouTube views in the first 48 hours.
‘ Continuity. While the campaign changed over time the strong central premise and its application across platforms allowed long-term continuity.
‘ Complimentary. The considered interaction of communications across platforms allowed a momentum to grow and helped the campaign gain a wider audience through social media and sharing.

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