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The compact and QUEE Handy Washer is perfect for stowing away just about anywhere! From one of the most trusted names in quality washer, the QUEE handy washer features the same durable construction of all of its large peers. QUEE handy washer can clean a wide variety of stains, like oil, coffee, tea, syrup, and all kind of liquid. The process of cleaning is expeditious; it takes about 30 seconds. It will help greatly in hurry situations. This modern world is so busy that they forget these minor things so for those people this machine will be notable. The following material will be used for this product.

Material inside

• Motor

• Button (speed switch & on/off)

• Tube

• Cleaning head

• Water bottle

Material outside

• Shell

• Plastic (heat resistant)

• Bulb

• Protective case

• People in the past used to clean their clothes by pounding the clothes on hard rocks or scrubbing them with abrasive sands and wash away the dirt in rivers or lakes.

• The first washing machine was called as the scrub board and was invented in the year 1797. In 1851, American James King discovered and patented the first washing machine to use a drum. However it was still hand fueled and did not work independent from anyone else.

• Then in 1858, William Blackstone of Indiana built a washing machine for his wife. This clothes washer uprooted and washed away dirt from the clothes. This was the first official clothes washer that could be utilized at home.

• In 1908, Hurley Machine Company of Chicago invented the Thor machine. This was the principal clothes washer that was electric-fueled and had a galvanized tub and an electric motor. The earlier clothes washers had overwhelming, cast-iron system mounted on the tub lid. This made the washing machine heavier and bulky.

By early 1950s, American companies started manufacturing machines with twist dry component and this supplanted the old wringer which while drying the clothes would remove the catches or cause mishaps including hair and hands. In 1957, the first washing machine with five push buttons was presented. This included wash temperature, flush temperature, agitation speed and spin speed.

And now, company are making this QUEE handy washer which can clean user’s clothes from the stains anytime, anywhere, in a short time. The size of this machine is so small that it won’t be difficult for users to carry them thus this will save money for people (Laundry expense). It can be said that this will be the smallest ever washing machine in the world. Consumer can bring this anywhere, and also can put this inside their bag as this product doesn’t take much space.

This QUEE handy washer can clean user’s clothes from stains perfectly in a short time. So consumer don’t have to worry if the stain is dropped on their clothes in an urgent situation. User can use this product which can clean is effectively and perfectly. Washing machines have never been more advanced or tailored to their needs. From models with short capacity washer and dryer, advanced washing cycles and highly efficient energy ratings to reduced noise levels.

As like other companies Profit will be company first goal though QUEE don’t really think about the profit but as everyone know in order to expand this service to whole world company need money so profit is must. All that the company has to do is to make people become speechless when they see this awesome product, so that many people will buy this product and the profit will follow itself. Secondly it is company dream to invent something precious like this so that people can remind the company for long. The size, figure and weight (150g) of this machine clearly indicates that this will be the smallest ever washing machine. Lastly, the very important reason for company to invent this machine is to help people by making there day to day life. As time goes by, the inventions are becoming more and more sophisticated that’s why company think to make the smallest machine in the world with a standard price, so the QUEE hope this product can carry people into a more modern life with a standard price.

D. Uniqueness of this product

Company has some reasons why do people have to buy this awesome machine, because this product has some uniqueness which are as follows:

Small and easy to carry. As this product is so small that users can put this inside your bag. It doesn’t take a lot of space and it is also very light, so it won’t be heavy to carry it inside their bag. And also users can bring it anywhere, because QUEE will never know what is going to be happening. “Don’t let the stains mess your day”. Moreover the brusher and dryer will work together so it will make this machine work faster and faster! It takes about 30 seconds to clean your cloth because users don’t have a lot of time to remove the stains from their cloth in an urgent situation. Lastly using this product at night? No worries! There is light to help you clean stains at night, so that users don’t have to search any light to help they to clean the stains.

Our processes are in statistical control.

It will be the QUEE spirit in improving the new products. Company is going to make the products\’ quality better and keeping it always be the best. Company is planning to make something more sophisticated with new inventions in the future. QUEE needs to make costumers stay in their products and the new products in the future. Secondary How well is the company doing? Well, QUEE believes that they are already doing it good and will always be the best. As the company said before, they don’t want to get stratified because they always want to make something which is more and more sophisticated also, one of a kind. Company need to make their costumers dependably be stratified with the products. Moreover, if the company meets their goals later? If QUEE is meeting their goals later, the company will create another goals for future so on. The main thing is the company won’t ever get stratified because the company always wants to make and find other amazing and awesome inventions in the future. Lastly where are improvements needed for this thing? The company will ask their customers about how this product can be improved, by this company will get to know what should they improve in their product and making it more good and more awesome so that their customers won’t get disappointed with their product because if their customers are happy that means the company have a bright future.


The basic feedback circle is a precise arrangement of ventures for keeping up Conformance to objectives/standards by conveying performance information back to the responsible worker also, or leader to take fitting action(s). Moreover Without the basic feedback circle, no performance estimation system will ever guarantee a compelling also, productive operation, and, subsequently, conformance to customers\’ necessities. Lastly the message of the feedback circle is that to accomplish the objective or standard, those in charge of dealing with the basic activity (ies) should dependably be in a position to know:

(a) What could possibly be done?

(b) What is being done?

(c) When to make remedial move.

(d) When to change the objective or standard.

How we can get feedback from the customers/buyers?

Feedbacks are so important for the company to know about our products. Feedbacks are taken from people/costumers who have bought product. There are various ways to get feedback but company will use these three ways to get the feedbacks from people/their customers, those are:

1. ⚓SOCIAL MEDIA(s): This is the most used way for feedback. Mostly, they go for polls where they ask about products like how will you rate it from 5-1. In this case number 5 is excellent and 1 is very poor. Social media is the fastest way to get feedback and modernized as well.

2. ⚓LUCKY DRAW/DOORPRIZE: This way can get the feedbacks from people more easily because they will surely become interested if the company will give them a gift/a door prize when they give us inputs. These sorts of things are for the most part done in big malls.

3. ⚓CONTACT PERSON: When people have bought product, company should ask them for their details which include contact number so that company can easily ask them about their product. A part from this company should operate complain box through that they can easily contact company if there will be any complain or something which they want to tell to the company. This will be beneficial for the company and also for their customers

In order to keep up with the pace of the times, and maintain the cleanliness of the individuals and household, company invented the QUEE handy washer, it can easily solve the problem of workers, housewives or anyone who gets dirty anywhere.

QUEE handy washer can effectively remove stains area such as grunge, curry, red wine, sauce, perspiration or blood stains at clothes, mattress of bed, bed sheet, bags or shoes. In additional, it also has attached the function of the dryer, so that it can dry quickly. Design of the QUEE handy washes are smaller, good looking and charged by USB, no need to use battery. It’s convenient to carry and placement, very suitable for office workers, students, housewives, and people who go out on business, travel, or any indoor and outdoor activities.

2. Market size and trends

QUEE follows the research of industry trend, government policy, population shift and socioeconomic trends and market growth in Greater Kuala Lumpur (GKL) to calculate the market size of product. Based on the analysis, population of GKL about 7 million, is the political and economic hub of Malaysia. The annual disposable income of middle-income households more than US 10000 (approximately RM 41200), it can increase the purchasing power of consumer and contributing QUEE to sell handy washer (Hong Kong Means Business, 2014).

Assume that if QUEE has 70 per 100 consumer purchase for the handy washer, this signify that company have 70% in the market size. In the first month, QUEE will forecast to production 10000 QUEE handy washers, so, if the company sells about 7000 products, therefore company will get 3000 products after the first month. In the next month, company will continue to sell remaining 3000 products and production 8000, QUEE estimate that the product can be sell about 8500 products. Compare with the previous month, sales approximately increase to 1500 product in a month, so QUEE handy washer may increase to 7.27% in the sales.

When QUEE handy washer launched, QUEE will face some competitors likes LDD, Haier and AQUA. They also have sold this product but QUEE handy washer has new function to improve the efficiency. Haier Codo washing machine is the first pocket washing machine in the world. Haier Appliances (India) P. Ltd is a subsidiary of Haier Group in India. Haier Codo washing machine made in China and launched in India, after that it launched online on 26th July 2014(, 2015). These product can buy through online, but its market normally in China, India, Korea and Japan, but not in the Malaysia’s market.



Haier (Codo)

AQUA (Coton)-subsidiary of Haier Group in China



3 AAA batteries

3 AAA batteries

3 AAA batteries

Liquid detergent (internal)






Yes No No No

Touch light Yes No No No

Price RM 85-100 RM 120-250 RM 180-400 RM 200-360

What are the difference between QUEE and other competitors? LDD, Haier Codo and AQUA use 3 AAA batteries, but QUEE handy washer use USB. This is very suitable to modern people, because it can reduce costs to purchase batteries and reduce chemical reaction. As the same time, using USB is a good choice for user, because quality of batteries will affect its performance but QUEE handy washer won’t. In addition, QUEE handy washer has additional functions such a touch light and dryer. Dryer can immediately dry up wet and thick clothes. For the internal liquid detergent, only QUEE and AQUA. It is easier to clean up the stains on the clothes. Users don’t need to bring along the liquid detergent. They just need to refill the liquid detergent into the tube before going out. The disadvantages of the other brands is using cotton swab to rub the stain part on the clothes.

For the sales and distribution, QUEE decides to use the channel of sales representatives and branch office to distribution QUEE handy washer. QUEE via the sales representatives to launch QUEE handy washer online and through the branch office such as shopping centre, supermarket to sales the product to final consumer. Distribution costs, production time frame, delivery terms, packaging and inventory level are the factors of decision to affect the distribution channel. This distribution way must make the QUEE able to catch the opportunities of the market immediately. As the same time, QUEE will reduce the intermediary to achieve to use the lowest costs and earn highest profit.

When QUEE starts to do analysis on the pricing of the QUEE handy washer, company must calculate the costs of product, estimating what benefits can be given to consumer and might be able to earn profit at the same time. Other than that, QUEE will compare the functions and services of QUEE handy washer with other competitors. The cost of QUEE handy washer includes materials such as mini fan, motor, tube plastic or others, labour, freight costs, selling costs and administrative costs.

The prices of the products from the other brands are in between RM 120 and RM 400. Assume that the first shipment of QUEE handy washer with the amount 100 about cost of RM30 each, we will mark up for about 60%, so the price of the product will be about RM85-RM100. When the demand of the QUEE handy washer increases, the price of our product will be reduced.

QUEE decide to use the penetration pricing to compete with other competitors and attract consumer to purchase handy washer. Company use low price to enter the market so as to increase the awareness of consumer to try QUEE handy washer. Therefore, QUEE can capture the market share and increase word-of-mouth of company and product. QUEE also can use psychological pricing such as RM89.90. In the mind of consumer, it is less than RM 90.

3. Advertising and promotion

QUEE needs to choice some better ways to advertise, promote and introduce QUEE handy washer to consumers, to let consumer aware the product and its advantages. For QUEE handy washer, company decides to use internet, television, newspaper or magazines to introduce and promote handy washer. Nowadays, high technical product such as internet and television can assist QUEE to disseminate the product in efficiency. Newspaper is a cheap and popular pipeline to advertise to the public, so that can let public know QUEE handy washer. The colorful picture of magazines will attract the attention of consumer and increase their desire to purchase the QUEE handy washer. Company also will choice billboard to promote QUEE handy washer in the main building of downtown area.

Simultaneously, promotion is a short term incentives or activities. Sometimes, sales promotion activities are called “below the line” activities. Sales promotion involves consumer, business, retailer, wholesalers and sales force promotion. QUEE need to do promotion to attract and increase the desire of consumer. Company can do the consumer promotion activities includes discount, coupons, display, points of purchase, free gift such as USB cable and product demonstration to consumer, it will attract they purchase QUEE handy washer. Company also can through the marketing materials such as business card, services sheet or brochures and publically avenue such as special events or product launches to introduce and promote QUEE handy washer. For the large retailer, QUEE can give the trade promotion such as bonus stock or reward incentives linked their purchase or sales of handy washer. Company also can give the commission to sales representatives to encourage their sales the QUEE handy washer or run a sales competitions with awards and prizes to them.

Besides, QUEE will design the product by using the theme of four season and festival season promotion, such as spring, summer, autumn, winter, Christmas, Mother Day, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Feast of Ramadan or Halloween.

Kuala Lumpur is an assets gathering place including raw materials and labor. The handy washer needs a couple of raw materials such as plastic shell, tube, wire and motor of fan. There is harbor focus in Malaysia since the goods will land at there as the principal station. This will diminish the superfluous cost like shipping since we do not have to send the merchandise to other place. This will likewise enhance advancement of the business by rate up the assembling prepare so that the finished goods will be produced as quickly as time permits.

Besides, as a prosperous city, many people will searching for the vocation opportunities including foreign people. On account of different decisions, we can without much of a stretch to pick the specialist by taking after their training level and experience. All together not to squander the ability, the individual with low training capability can disseminated to the labor department and the individual with high instruction capability and experience can hold a post in foreman. Subsequently, the issue of absence of work can be precluded if our industry is at Kuala Lumpur.

2. Zoning

The industry of QUEE handy washer is defined as industrial zoning. The environmental problem will determine the industrial level and in the process of making QUEE will cause a trifling noise pollution to the environment because it is running through by using electronic machine (Reuters, 2016).

3. Tax

QUEE industry is follow the corporate tax rate in Malaysia. Usually, the higher net profit, the higher tax will be charged. Therefore, the amount of the tax in depend on the amount of the net profit in the company in a period and normally is in one year. The benchmark company use refers to the highest rate for the corporate income. Revenues from the Corporate Tax Rate are an important source of income for the government in Malaysia. Table below shows the tax rate of the industry

B. Proximity to supplier

QUEE will need find the supplier of the raw materials and company is targeting produce 10000 handy washer first month and 8000 next month. QUEE found some company as supplier and established a long-term contract between them after the verification of quality. Company build a good relationship with them especially in aspect of honesty and this is causing delight cooperation.

QUEE found the Malaysia Plastic Manufacturing Association (MPMA) which is also industry in Pertaling Jaya as supplier of our main raw material, plastic shell. They allow QUEE to change the new outward if it is worth.

Besides, company need a large amount of latex rubber to form some of the materials of handy washer like button and mini size of tube. The Abuali Sdn Bhd is the supplier of the latex and they will provide the processed latex to company weekly.

Company also need the supplier of USB changing cable because QUEE handy washer is powered by it and it is included in the selling package. Company find the Dongguan Jianghan Electronics Co.Ltd in China as the supplier and it is also using sea transportation.

QUEE are also cooperate with the Changzhou Match-Well Electrical Products Co. Ltd in supplying DC motor for the QUEE handy washer by using sea transportation.

Company also found the supplier of wire, Em Kabel Sdn Bhd in Malaysia because they are in lower price.

In the electronic asset, Yoyo Electronic Machines and Equipment as the supplier and give company 5 years warranty for the machines.

C. Access to transportation

Since the raw materials is quite small, supplier can use their vehicles in the company to transport the raw material to QUEE if industry are in same location.

Company refer to the air transportation when QUEE choose the company from foreign country as the resources of raw materials because the time taken is short compared to the sea transportation. Company can get raw materials in a very short time if the company use air transportation so the efficiency will also increase although the cost is higher. In order to avoid the unnecessary loss, QUEE chooser sea transportation because the face of the probability of risk of the air transportation is also lower than the sea transportation because the risk on the sea is difficult to avoid and the longer time taken, the higher risk taken.

Moreover, QUEE will provide three ways of transportations with different cost to the customer and they are land transportation, sea transportation and air transportation. Customer can choose the types of transportations according on their condition.

Section VI: Management

QUEE handy washer current administration group comprises of people with involvement in IT and business. These people at present are accountable for keeping up the progressing operations of the business with some of those having different significant aptitudes basic for QUEE handy washer achievement.

A. Management Team

The QUEE handy washer group at present comprises of:

Boss Administrative Officer –Chamkey Leemani

Chankmey got his web plan degree from UTS in 2008 whilst having picked up 2 years of work involvement with Ebay. His mastery has been in web exchanges and e-trade in this manner esteeming him an extraordinary credit to QUEE handy washer development. Chamkey’s obligations at present include:

1. Being responsible for operations and managing the running of everyday exercises.

2. Part taking in web upkeep

3. Responding to client inquiries

CFO – Akram Hossain Khan Dhrubo

Dhrubo has a claim to fame for fund and has been working for a bookkeeping firm for a long time. Because of this Dhrubo’s part will be in driving QUEE handy washer monetary commitments. With some of these obligations including:

1. Creating spending plans

2. Recording receipts

3. Developing monetary reports

4. Controlling costs

5. Allocating subsidizing for QUEE handy washer maintainability

Business Advisor – Luar Kiat Yeo and Ong Ai Nie

Luar and Ong has been a long-term companion of Chamkey and Dhrubo since secondary school and is at present undertaking a Master\’s Degree in International Management at UNSW low maintenance. They additionally finished a half year temporary job at a counselling firm in Singapore. Thusly they has a great deal of different abilities to offer QUEE handy washer and will be part taking in a consultative part. Their obligations accordingly will include:

1. Selecting which tasks are suitable for QUEE handy washer to bolster

2. Assisting in showcasing obligations

3. Enabling QUEE handy washer to achieve its object

B. Legal Structure

QUEE handy washer possession structure at present is keep running as an organization in the middle of Chamkey and Dhrubo. This will change to exclusive constrained as Luar and Ong has now joined the gathering and has been given a 40% offer of the business. This brings the offer of the business to:

By QUEE handy washer setting itself as a restrictive constrained business, its proprietors will pick up assessment points of interest whilst additionally securing individual resources in the event that if the business fails.

Because of QUEE handy washer as yet being in its beginning start up stage and subsidizing waiting be controlled for the development of the business pay rates won\’t be issued to its organizers Chamkey, Dhrubo and new two shareholder Luar and Ong until an equal the initial investment point is come to whilst Saiful will be accepting a week by week pay of RM15 an hour after duty.

C. Board of Director, Advisor, Consultants

The Board of Director of QUEE handy washer is Chamkey Leemani and his advisor are Akram Hossain Khan Dhrubo, Luar Kiat Yeo and Ong Ai Nie.

QUEE handy washer will likewise depend on an assortment of outside hotpots for administration support. These incorporate different staff, volunteers and companions.


Saiful Islam has been filling in as a secretary/assistant for ABC for as long as 18 months and all things considered has learnt a great deal of different parts. Her part for QUEE handy washer will be to incorporate her experience and learning to perform different basic obligations, those being:

1. Assist the leading body of staff to finish different occupations.

2. Responding to client questions

3. Maintaining associations with customers

4. General specially appointed obligations

5. Administrative obligations.

Other staff will likewise be basic for QUEE handy washer accomplishment with some of those being:

Showcasing – To facilitate make brand mindfulness and create a bigger customer base.

Web support – Ensuring that the site is running easily and making significant modification.

Interchanges – Bridge crevices with focused client bunches.

Money – handle accounts and dispense significant financing.


Volunteers will be a basic segment fundamental for the achievement of QUEE handy washer. They ought to effectively be enrolled from all through the group, and should be from important age levels and capacities. They will be best used in the continuous operations of the business.

Volunteers that QUEE handy washer should target will be for the most part college understudies who are taking a gander at picking up work experience whilst they concentrate on. Increasing such volunteers will be important for QUEE handy washer as they will be connecting with youthful personalities that will have pertinent information on patterns ET.

Section VII: Financial

Section VIII: Critical Risks

For QUEE handy washer there are a few basic dangers included in entering and keeping up its position in a business sector that uncovers numerous eminent new contenders. In view of this QUEE handy washer should survey numerous dangers and plan appropriately to keep focused.

A. Potential Problem

A percentage of the potential issues which confront QUEE handy washer inner Problems.

Absence of advancement and promoting technique because of a low spending plan and absence of assets inside of the organization.

For QUEE handy washer it should perceive the significance that advertising can play towards its prosperity. Particularly it can produce a bigger client base whilst additionally guaranteeing that donators make commitments.

Constrained staff because of a deficiency of assets.

Again QUEE handy washer needs to perceive the significance that staff can play towards developing/adding to the business.

Not having the right funds set up because of not anticipating what subsidizing would be required to finish different goals.

QUEE handy washer should know about the costs related to its focused on destinations/objectives. In the event that it can perceive this it will have the capacity to finish its way out technique effectively.

Insufficient fancied clients.

All together for QUEE handy washer to conquer the issue of not having enough sought clients it should take after its advertising plan and take a gander at tackling a hard hitting approach where it drives itself to make its objectives be come to.

An absence of donators vowing to extends.

QUEE handy washer should guarantee that its clients take after their promoting obligations with a specific end goal to achieve their fancied subsidizing objective.

B. Obstacles and Risk

Aside from inner difficulties there are some outer components which convey dangers to QUEE convenient washer with those being:


Regulation is a potential danger for QUEE handy washer as it keeps it from increasing further benefits. Particularly the Australian regulation law adverts and constraints any non-altruistic association to acknowledge more than twenty gifts of any sort. This restriction influences QUEE handy washer potential benefit and improvement. Specifically it influences QUEE handy washer from trying to finance bigger scale ventures whilst likewise confining it from focusing on particular gatherings.

Income model and stream

The absence of an income model and stream are at present debilitating QUEE helpful washer and are accordingly affecting the quantity of clients which are being pulled in to utilize the site. In the meantime because of no set model being utilized it is keeping QUEE convenient washer from achieving its fancied objectives.

Nearby monetary status

The nearby monetary status inside worldwide nations influences QUEE helpful washer fundamentally. Particularly it can possibly influence the quantity of individuals why should willing give to extend as donators get to be cash poor because of different reasons. For QUEE convenient washer this can impact the accomplishment of it accomplishing its way out technique.

C. Alternative courses of action

All together for QUEE handy washer to minimize its dangers it needs to hold fast to different techniques. Particularly it should:

 Use its accounts sensibly to minimize potential dangers.

 Using capital activities to guarantee dangers are maintained a strategic distance from. This should be possible by raising capital through:

• Individual credit

• Blessed messenger financial specialists

• Joint Venture Partner

• Capital reinvestment

 Concentrate on its clients and see what they truly need and need. This would be done through social cooperation and polls.

 Looking into to pick up a superior comprehension of how QUEE handy washer could better itself.

 Focussing on building staff aptitudes to achieve its objectives.

By tackling such an option strategy it will minimize its interior and outside dangers.

Section IX: Milestone Schedule

QUEE handy washer should stick to its development plan keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to finish its way out objective. This will be finished by using the vital assets and always guaranteeing that due dates are come to through different methodologies.

A. Timing and objectives

QUEE handy washer should guarantee that it perceives the significance of timing and how it can incredibly influence it achieving its goals. All together for this issue to be succeed QUEE handy washer will be using a point of reference outline to guarantee that it is continuing track with its different goals. This table is appeared underneath and highlights QUEE handy washer focused on objectives and the different times it takes to finish in spite of the fact that this might be subjected to change if any issues ought to emerge.


1. Greater Kuala Lumpur (GKL)

• KL- population about 1.6 million, directly government by federal government, being located within the state of Selangor

• GKL- population about 7 million, Klang Valley, have more retailer market such as Pavillion Kuala Lumpur, Suria KLCC, Mid Valley Megahall, Sunway Pyramid, Starhill Gallery and The Gardens Mall.

2. Annual disposable income -US 10000 (approximately RM 41200)

• More than Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, but less than Singapore

3. Increase to 7.27% in the sales

• first month- production 1000 handy washer, sales 7000 product

(7000÷10000)×100% = 70%

• next month- remainder 3000 product, production 8000 product, sales 8500 product

【8500÷(3000+8000)】×100% = 77.27%

• 77.27% – 70% = 7.27%

4. Malaysia Plastic Manufacturing Association (MPMA)

• MPMA response green and involved recycling activities, they using more renewable and biodegradable materials or plastic to protect environment and packaging are often lighter.

5. Corporate Tax Rate 25%- reported by Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia, it collected from company

6. Sales Tax Rate 6%- sales and service tax, but replaced by Goods and Services Tax (GST) starting on 1th April 2015

7. Social Security Rate 25.29%- reported by Social Security Organisation (SOCSO), charged to both of companies and employees with labour income, includes:

• Social Security Rate for Companies 13.78%

• Social Security Rate for Employees 11.51%

8. UTS- University of Technology Sydney, located at Australia

9. UNSW- The University of New South Wales, located at Australia

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