Essay: The link between violent media exposure and violence

Violence is very involute and is caused by many factors, customarily acting together. Belligerent media exposure is not the only risk factor for violence, or even the most consequential factor, but it is not a picayune factor either. Many people cerebrate that bellicose media have no effect because they have never killed anyone after visually examining a violent TV program or film or after playing a truculent video game.

The article deals with a study that was established to prove whether or not belligerent movies contribute to authentic-world mayhem. The first test made was to check whether the way a person views a bloody, belligerent scene depends on their aggression level in nature. Those mind filters and pulse readings were strikingly different concerning illustration they seen the Combative scenes. Those non-aggressive men’s pulse rose and the orbitofrontal cortex started brilliantly (Carrol, 2014). The Combative men’s brains were much quieter also their blood weights whichever stayed those same alternately clinched alongside a percentage cases dropped an infinitesimal. Thus, an association the middle of hostility and Circulatory strain might have been uncovered. They optically perceive a vicious motion picture their pulse doesn’t try up similar to those tranquil guys can. It’s essentially like they feel at home. And the quiet orbitofrontal cortex might designate that these Combative men aren’t ready with rein themselves clinched alongside the point when perturbed. It bodes well that distinctive individuals who encounter brutal media, motion pictures or feature games, will react contrastingly on the individuals jolts and dependent upon this study, their reaction relies on the person’s customized.

Toulmin’s model consists of six branches; data, warrant, backing, qualifier, reservation, and claim. In this article, the data portion of the model can be stated as violence media plays a major role in enhancing aggression in viewers if the viewer was naturally prone to aggression. Those warrant bit might be acknowledged as the scientists perceptions of the mankind’s mind also its action throughout different tests, the place it might have been watched that a viewer’s cerebrum meandering responds with vicious scenes contingent upon if or not those distinct may be Combative by nature (Carrol, 2014). The support part incorporates those estimations of the Circulatory strain of the volunteers and the movement of their orbitofrontal cortex. Those reservation parcel incorporates those truth that constantly on volunteers viewed the same motion picture scenes What’s more they know underwent the same accurate tests.. The claim portion from this article is that different people will respond differently when experiencing violent media and that their response depends solely on their natural aggression level.

The logical perspective was displayed in this argument by displaying test results including the blood pressure variation and brain activity. The dialectical perspective has been applied in this argument through displaying the various points of views and the various results of the study, the different views everyone had while watching the same violent scene. The rhetorical perspective in this argument was displayed by placing all volunteers under the exact same circumstances; they tested all of them three times and made them all watch the same violent movie scenes.

To conclude, the argument in the article provided enough evidence to prove that how a person reacts to violence solely depends on his true nature. The more aggression levels a person naturally possesses the more likely that he will perceive what is demonstrated in the form violence as an acceptable and enjoyable experience. On the other hand, the less aggression levels possessed by the person, the more likely he is to be disturbed by the same form of violence demonstrated and the more likely he is to reject it.

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