What is Apathy?

Doctors believe that apathy – is a reflex to protect the body from “burnout”, when

the nervous system, and the emotional sphere are overloaded and cease to deal

with a huge amount of incoming external signals, each of which is necessary

react, to perform a particular action.

Apathetic people almost immediately noticeable to others as he shows no

emotion, he does not care what is happening around, it does not have the

internal motives and intentions to anything, and there is no desire but to lie down

and do nothing. Often in this situation, people say “I’m depressed,” but

depression – is a completely different concept.

Apathetic people most of the time almost motionless, he does not go anywhere,

he cannot even get up out of bed, do not wash or comb. He feels sluggish, tired

and exhausted.

Where does the apathy?Â

Most often apathy develops due to an illness (severe cold, for example), vitamin

deficiency, emotional and mental exhaustion, experienced as a result of the

crisis and long-term physical or emotional stress.

Other causes apathy may be mental disorders such as schizophrenia, depression,

or any other disease. Therefore, if a protracted lethargy (two weeks or more),

there are lapses of memory or difficulty of intellectual activity, such apathy should

be referred to specialists. If the person does not possess a strong character, he

may fall into the other extreme, namely, will “help” them to cope with the apathy

with drugs or alcohol. This decision not only does not help to cope with apathy,

and a few times will increase the symptoms, and even add other difficulties.

As you know, fight fire with fire. Start the fight against indifference to everything

you need to further aggravation of the state of mind. Required to bring the

situation to absurdity, perhaps yourself: Oh, what I’m poor and unhappiness-and-

Symptoms of apathy

About the symptoms of apathy mentioned above, however, it should go back to

them again. Symptoms include:

ï,· indifference;

ï,· laziness;

ï,· inexpressive speech;

ï,· isolation;

ï,· desire for solitude;

ï,· lack of initiative;

ï,· Sadness for no reason.

Symptoms of apathy need to know not only in time to recognize it at home, but

finding her friends and loved ones, how to identify this disease alone can be very

difficult at times

Pampering yourself

ï,· Buy a new thing that previously spared no money;

ï,· Go with a friend in a cafe, order something delicious.

After all, we live once! Why not at least occasionally indulge yourself how much

would it not worth it? Especially these actions ultimately help to get rid of the

apathetic mood. Think of them as part of the therapy – because this way you are

struggling with indifference to the outside world.

Do some Treatment of apathy

Before talking about how to get rid of apathy, need to make the correct

diagnosis.. When it comes to serious diseases: schizophrenia, depression,

alcoholism, then without pharmacological treatment is almost not enough. After

all, you will agree, it is pointless to treat an alcoholic apathy, not affecting the

underlying disease.

In the case where apathy is an extreme form of (a person for no apparent reason,

and for a long time, completely indifferent to everything around him, myself, food

intake, appearance, suffering relatives), shows the beginning of an emergency

hospital treatment. Such a condition is directly threatening the lives and health of

the patient. Apathy can be treated by methods of psychotherapy, but reiterated

that their selection should take into account the underlying that their selection

should take into account the underlying cause of the disease.

Help professionals

Initially, you can contact the district physician. Listen to your complaint, it should

tell you about the need to visit a neurologist, psychiatrist or

psychotherapist. Identify the sources of your condition can help doctors and such

as endocrinology, cardiology and oncology. The reasons can be quite apathetic

and physical nature. In order to eliminate or to confirm such an embodiment, the

medical conduct a complete examination of the patient, which includes, among

other things, complex analyzes.

Treatment by a psychiatrist, neurologist or therapist also begins with the

diagnosis. For each patient, we develop an individual treatment regimen.

In that case, if the disorder is a symptom of schizophrenia, you must provide

special training and use of drugs (not apathy caused by psychological and

physiological causes).

If the source of a disease appears neurasthenia, are popular psychotherapeutic

influence and psychological correction. Psychotherapy helps a person to

understand what is happening to them, and has a positive effect on the treatment

of this disorder.

The basic medication, by which apathy is void are:

ï,· Antidepressants: frequently used in medical practice, particularly if apathy

conjugate depression.

ï,· Vitamins have a supportive and restorative effect on the body.

ï,· Antipsychotics and tranquilizers: patient needed when apathy different

destructive tendencies and is accompanied by excitement.

ï,· Stimulant medications: apply in the event that is characterized by apathy,

lethargy and apathy.

ï,· Diuretics: relieve brain swelling in traumatic injuries.

ï,· Be attentive to him and his condition. Do not expect the disease will retreat

itself. Your mental health is in your hands.

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