Essay: Evil and suffering

Evil and suffering have extensively filled the world today. It leads to many Christians asking the reason as to why God has allowed the evil to have a place in the world.Evil exhibits itself in three different forms, it can be moral, natural or supernatural.Temptation is a process that may lead to the occurrence of sin. Though temptation Satan is able to achieve his goals . The evil thrive through tempting the good people. Christians are in a continuous spiritual war with sin.In the book of Romans it is written that the moral laws of God are written in hearts of men. Sin occurs when an individual is unable to overcome temptation. The following paper discusses the fall of man . Man was unable to overcome the serpents temptation . Adam and eve sinned by eating the fruit of the forbidden tree ,(Rebreanu, et al 1986).

Theological concepts have been developed to explain the fall of man.Eve and Adam were created in Gods image in the sixth day of creation. They were to live in the garden created with an environment that could lead to a good relation ship with God. Being created in the Image of God meant that they were perfect beings. They were unblemished before God. Their role was to serve God by the abilities, emotions and intellect instilled in them by the their creator. God created them obedient and honest. God had also commanded them not to eat of a specific tree. Adam and Eve had accepted to live by Gods word. Man was tempted, he ate the forbidden fruit. This represented the end of good life man had the garden. He was sent out of the garden to toil . Money would now die for not following the command he was instructed not to do. Man would later became wicked. Man became sinful and was separated from God.
The bibilical foundation of the fall of man as illustrated in Genesis 2 and and 3 was characterized by Adam and eve disobeying God. The book of Romans in its 5thchapter is written that,When Adam sinned all mankind sinned.Todays society is characterized by many problems. Man commtted sin and got away Gods favour, God hence punished man. Natural physical and spiritual phenomenon became.
In theology temptation is a process and contemplation that leads to sin. Worldly materials and wealth are tempting. Money for instance , lust and pride can easily lead people to sin. Knowledge desire and seeking of wisdom with no boundaries can lead one to sin. The sin of Adam represented the fall of humanity (Owen& Houston, 1996). When Eve was tempted, she wanted to know the difference between the good and bad. Through prayers and fasting, God delivers people from temptation.
The biblical foundations of sin are illustrated in many books of the bible.The serpent was created a crafty animal that was used by Saturn to temp Adam Eve in the garden of Eden.In the book of James chapter 1, it is explained that God do not temp humans. It is the lust in man that give him a gateway to temptation. Lust will bring sin on humans. The consequence of sin is death. In Genesis, The serpent gets into a discussion with Eve .The serpent tells the woman that she will not die. The serpent manages to convince Eve that eating it would open their eyes. That they would be like God, understanding what was good and evil.after Adam and eve ate the fruit , they realized they were naked.Temptations are common in every day life. Satan tempt humanity in many ways. It is after the consequences of temptation are clear that people realize of what evil they have committed. Fearing God is the begging of wisdom.
The serpents life was cursed. Enemity was to reign between the serpent-and the woman. Woman was to suffer pain during conception and man had to work had to live from the hard work. The temptation and the fall of man from Gods ways adds more suffering to man. The world can never be a good place to be with evil everywhere.theholy spirit gives the strength to overcome sin and temptation (DeHaan, 1978). The love of God is important. The Lord God would later send his only son Jesus to come and create a bond between God and Christians are called upon to strengthen their faith through prayer. Through prayer, praise and worship it is believed ones power to conquer evil is increased. Calling upon the name of Christ when at cross roads makes Christians have a high possibility to overcome temptation. Jesus overcame all temptations. It may be argued that Jesus was God and that we are men,however we are given the freedom to use the holy spirit as our helper to overcome temptation and sin.

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