Milton Glaser

About his life

Milton Glaser is amongst most popular graphic designers of United States. He was born in 1929 in the Bronx. From his childhood Milton wanted to be an artist. He is legend among all the designers. Due to his great works he is respected all over the globe. Milton Glaser is a creative person, through his designs he expresses his thoughts and feelings very clearly. His way of thinking intelligently and his ability to do his work to high level, makes him elite. He obtained his education in New York from High School of Music and Art and Cooper Union Art School. He also studied in the Academy of fine Arts in Bologna, Italy. Glaser produced a large number of posters and prints in his whole career. Artwork of Glaser has been exhibited all over world which also includes one-man show in Paris and New York at the centre Georges Pompidou and the Museum of Modern Art respectively. He also gained popularity in designing of iconic logos. The logo “I love NY” designed in 1975 is very famous and is liked by people very much. Milton has written many essays and given interviews on design, showing his contribution in educational field. He received many awards throughout his life. One of them is Lifetime achievement award in 2004, for his contribution to the existing practice of design, which he received from the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. Milton Glaser's designs have been permanently added to many museums. He is a music lover person and listens to every type of songs which include jazz, folk music, classical music. Milton is regular listener of Radio and his main sources of obtaining news are radio, TV and newspapers. His views about our future are really not good as he is worried that man is almost at the verge of destroying this earth. He was the founder of “push pin” studio and remained its president for almost 20 years. Along with this he was editor and co-art director of graphic magazine at pushpin studio. His writing about good and cheap restaurants in New York was very much liked by the people. He founded Milton Glaser, inc. in 1974. His work has wide range of designs from small logos to the big designs for marketing purposes. The figure is more than 300 of his designed posters. Milton is appreciated by a lot of people. They praised his working in their own sayings. Some say that Glaser's contribution to design is unmatchable while others say that he has laid a very good and strong platform for design and the intelligent ways of design. His designs are praised and receive many comments, saying that designs are the best way to convey our message. At his age of 80 he is still very energetic and is dedicated towards his work. Although a long time, but still his moral values his beliefs did not change. Due to his working and the ways of working, he has become an ideal for many artists. He says that he love his work and always try to generate new ideas each time. Glaser thinks that on getting older his thinking is becoming sharper. He can think in a broader way that he thought in his earlier days. Milton's works are really awesome. They are very exciting and interesting that anyone loves to watch them. As Milton starts his working before the boom in computer field, he really did not like to work on computer. In today's digital world also, he uses his hands to produce better and better designs. He thinks that tools can not work as replacement of your talent, but they can just be used as a helper.

Work, Style and career journey

Milton Glaser is the great graphic designer of the era and his art is very famous in each part of the world. Milton Glaser designed the logo I ♥ NY in 1975 which has become the part of the life of everybody in the America as well as overseas. This is logo is the best creation made by him. He finished his studies at the Cooper Union Art School from 1948 to 1951. Then he became the bright scholar under Giorgio Morandi at the Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna, Italy since 1952-1953.

In 1954 he started the Push In studio in New York. He was one of the founders of that studio and early he became the president of the studio. During 1954 to 1974 he was the president of the Push In Studio. He also was the editor and the co-art director the magazine named “Push-In Graphics” in the period of 1955 to 1974. By this magazine he give many designs and these designs became famous across the globe in the era in which this industry was purely dominated by the Swiss. By these designs he defined the different kind of the contemporary design vocabulary which included the wide range of the designs of the books, logos, posters, magazine formats and fonts and so on.

Glaser and the one other guy Clay felker founded a new magazine in 1968 which was named “New York Magazine”. He became the art director and the president of that magazine and he was until 1977.

In 1974 he found the Milton Glaser inc. and set up the studio in the Manhattan. This studio focused on developing the wide range of the design disciplines, and also started the programs for the corporate and institutional purpose and the logos. His best creation of the logo was I ♥ NY for the New York State Department of Commerce which became the most popular logo ever in the human history. From the start of the career in designing he has designed up to now more than 300 posters, environment and interior design, interior and exterior of the super markets, shopping malls, restaurants and hotels. His one of the best creations was the Bob Dylan Poster for the CBS records. He also became the design director of the magazine “Village Voice” in 1975 for two years.

He moved one step ahead in 1983 when he found the company WBMG. Its studio was completely dedicated to the design work for the news paper and the magazines with the Walter Barnard who was the ex-art director of the ‘Time' magazine. This company up to now has designed for more than 50 magazines and the news papers in all over the world among them the main are l'espresso in Rome ‘the Washington post', ‘the nation', ‘Paris match' and many others.

In the art industry he has contributed as much as he can. He was the very keen to spread the knowledge among the others. That's why he became the part of the very respectful program run by the School of Visual Arts in New York in which he taught and tell the professional design to the bright artist.

He has also been a subject to the design art students of all over the globe. And his solo exhibitions have been conducted by the various art galleries in many countries. Recently for his dedication and the contribution to the art industry he has been awarded the “National Medal of Arts”

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