Introduction/ Scenario

In your role as a Manager / Leader you are required to demonstrate your achievement of advanced professional development. This is to be done by putting together a portfolio of material to demonstrate this, supported by a personal development journal in which you reflect on your professional development. The material collected can use a range of formats but must demonstrate achievement of the criteria required by learning outcomes. It is assumed that you have or have had a suitable managerial role within an organisation.


Prepare a portfolio of evidence supported by a reflective personal development journal to demonstrate your own advanced professional development. This assessment carries a maximum of 100 marks. Students are required to submit their answers in form of written assignment and any evidences to each of three tasks. Total word limit should not exceed 3500 in total. It needs to incorporate material to show:

Task (1)

Q 1a. Identify & analyse your personal and organisational short term (say 1-2 year), medium term (3-5 years), and long term (10 years from now) SMART objectives.

Also analyse skills required to meet each of these goals & objectives. You will need to carry out a skills audit and to link them to both organisational purposes and to your own personal and professional objectives.

(Word limit 500, Max.Marks =15)

Q 1b. Analyse, develop, and evaluate effective ways & plans to learn in the future. Your personal development plan shall identify goals, planned achievements and development of skills. This requires some learning and skills acquisition and you need to assess how these behavioural attributes can best be learned.

(Word limit 500, Max. Marks =15)

Task (2)

Q 2. You should carry out and then critically discuss a personal skills audit which focuses on the skills required for effective management and leadership.

For this you will need to complete (i) skills audit, (ii) SWOT, (iii) a learning styles inventory to identify you preferred learning style, (iv) take online test for time management & your current time log analysis, and (v) take an online test for Personality (MBIT).

Relate these tests' results to the acquisition of skills needed for effective management and leadership in organisational contexts.

(Word limit 1100, Max .Marks =30)

Task (3)

Q 3a. Develop a creative and actionable detailed personal development plan. The plan must show:

  • Your current achievements, abilities, resources and skills.
  • Planned goals, planned achievements, and development of skills.
  • Methods of fulfilling the development plan
  • Resources required
  • Milestones against which to measure progress
  • Review date, reviewing person and corrective or preventive actions
  • Achievements against targets supported with the relevant evidence.
  • Personal reflections about the plan and the progress made and gaps.

(Word limit 900, Max.Marks =24)

Q 3b: Carry out a critical evaluation, reflection and review of the effectiveness and impact of your own learning & development (in terms of changes in attitude, knowledge and skills) in supporting organisational purposes and your own personal aims.

(Word limit 500, Max.Marks =16)

Submission Guidelines for Students:

Word limit: The report should be approx. 3,500 words (+-5%) in length, excluding any appendices

Structure and format

You are advised to use the following format:

Title page — the details of author, circulation, Declaration,

purpose of submission and date.

Declaration: as provided front sheet

Acknowledgements — to those who assisted the author in the production of the report.

Contents — with page numbers.

Introduction — the background, the issue and the aim of the investigation.

Major sections — should cover answer to all three tasks. Clearly separated, usually covering the concepts used, the Information collected and reflections, the evaluation.

Conclusions — overall findings of the investigation: the overall picture that has emerged and the implications.

References — identification of literature and other sources used and referred to in the text


I - Preparation guidelines of the Coursework Document

  • Use standard business formats for all evidence submitted in the portfolio and for the personal development journal.
  • Word process the material as far as is possible.
  • The report should be grammatically correct and word processed. Pages should be numbered.
  • Use 11 point Arial, Times New Roman or Trebuchet script.
  • Identify any references. Use the Harvard referencing system.
  • Complete the title page and sign the statement of authenticity.
  • You will pass the assignment only if you achieve all Pass criteria. Merit and Distinction require further analytical and critical commentary.
  • Student must provide evidence that learning outcomes of the subject have been met.
  • Assignment will be checked for Plagiarism. Appropriate Actions may be taken as per College / Edexcel Plagiarism Policy.
  • Use a butterfly or treasury tag to keep the pages of your work together.
  • Late work will only be marked on the next occasion the unit is taught in semester 1 in 2011. If the unit does not run again then you will need to pay a late assessment fee in line with the requirements of the College's assessment policy.
  • Attached to the assignment must be a plagiarism report, the Front sheet completed and the declaration signed

II - Plagiarism/Collusion

Any act of plagiarism or collusion will be seriously dealt with according to the regulations. In this context the definition and scope of plagiarism are presented below (next section):

Plagiarism is presenting somebody else's work as your own, It includes copying information directly from the Web or books without referencing the material; submitting joint coursework as an individual effort; copying another student's coursework; stealing coursework from another student and submitting it as your own work.

Collusion is working collaboratively with another learner to produce work that is submitted as the individual learners work .Suspected acts of plagiarism or collusion will be investigated and if found to have occurred will be dealt with according to the college procedure. Be aware of college's and Edexcel policy for Plagiarism.

III - Submission

Submission and last date: last date is 9th April 2010 by 5:00pm

Submit the hard copy and soft copy of your work to Sumesh S Dadwal, in office in the faculty office by 9th April 2010 by 5P.M.
All coursework must be submitted to the assigned person (to the Tutor) and a receipt must be obtained. Under no circumstances other College staff can accept them.

The copy of the coursework submitted will not be returned to you after marking

Any computer files generated such as program code (software), graphic files that form part of the coursework must be submitted on a floppy disc or CD together with the documentation.

IV - Good practice

Make backup of your work in different media (hard disk, floppy disk, memory stick etc) to avoid distress for loss or damage of your original copy.

Make an extra hardcopy of your work submitted for your own reference or later use

V - Extension and Late Submission

If you need an extension for a valid reason, you must request one using a coursework extension request form available from the college. Please note that the lecturers do not have the authority to extend the coursework deadlines and therefore do not ask them to award a coursework extension. The completed form must be accompanied by evidence such as a medical certificate in the event of you being sick.

VI - Assessment and Grading

This assessment carries a maximum of 100 marks. In order to pass: All criteria identified in the assignment with reference to learning outcomes of the module must be met. Student may use Bloom's taxonomy to deliver an answer evidencing attainment of higher level skills of analysis, application, evaluation, assessment, contrasting, innovation and synthesis.

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