This assignment is about “bureaucracy is no longer applicable today's business environment” this is expression is support with organisation management theory , which explain bureaucracy with examples of a current organisation and using bureaucracy theory what are the disadvantages and advantages . Why it is not applicable? With finding if it is not applicable what will be the theory can use today organisation

This discussion will end with conclusion and recommendation, limitation of 1500 words.

Organisation theories

Management now know or been used as organisational. It could be private or public. Management is a procedure which involves guild lines to group of people to award structural goals.

Business environment change rapidly day to day. This increasing development made management difficult part of taking risk in order to make profit. However the organisation grows problem will be complex and classification to accomplished .therefore the companies are forced to change in responses to the internal and external.

Different writers came up with their own thinking point of view; the writers were called “classical school” this study began in 19th centuries. Classical model is the oldest management thought . The main concern was how to control work place and the work efficiently.

Sub division of classical school are scientific management, administrative management and bureaucratic management.

Scientific management (1880)

This management is more likely systemic study of working style in teams of developing efficiency. Frederick. Taylor (1856-1917) defines as “the works should know exactly what they suppose to do and do it accordingly, genuinely, responsible way and cheapest way. This system was in used in 20th centuries.

The main features are:

  • Job analysis
  • Planning and doing
  • Training their duties
  • Cooperation
  • Specification

This method was to root in many developing organisations industries during the heyday of mass production in 21 century. Eg: the success of such business like ford motor companies , uses of Taylor's method, there more such as fast food outlets, call centres and theme parks .there job roles fairly tightly defined and employees action are carefully controlled.

Administrative management (1940s)

The main target is on management process and principal of management. “In comparing to scientific management, which deals with jobs and work at personal level of analysis” reference of business. Henri Fayol (1841-1925) the father of the Morden management theory .according to his view , day to day management work is characterised by a large number of varied task and problems demanding rapid judgement and responses. Then he divided management role 14 principles. And 5 process which are

  • Planning: looking ahead, evaluate the future and making supply.
  • Dominant: making sure the organisation matching the planning output.
  • Managing (coordinating)
  • Leading
  • Organising

Bureaucratic management (1930- 1959)

Max Weber introduce the term of bureaucratic, which describe large organisational structure. Weber “focused on dividing organisations to hierarchies, establishing strong line of authority and control. He suggest organisation develop comprehensive and detailed stand operating procedures for all routed task” free management library.

General features of bureaucracy is a formal enlisting process .eg china was selected officials cased on their performance by testing “Confucian classics”

The determined reasons for the approach of the bureaucratic organisation have always been it purely skilled of high quality.

“the fully developed bureaucratic mechanism compares with other organisations exactly as does the machine with the non-mechanical modes of productive”

Bureaucratic characterised as:

  • It is classified accordingly to various criteria in to successive levels in relationship, completion in one main “at the top”.
  • Effort to dictated all action and only ruled by rules and regulations.
  • Extended use of writing documents
  • It main target is to hire and promote staff give work according to their specification.
  • Its conduct with strict rules on rationality.
  • Bureaucracy is organizational form used by sociologists and organizational design professionals.
  • It required training in job and skills.

All these years it exist because of it strength.

The strength of the bureaucracy

  • This system is useful for routine, programmable operation.
  • It gives a safe working environment and good job opportunities.
  • It has the ability to increase the max size of habitation of a kin group of leaders and also increase the strength of the authority of the leaders.
  • It is very costly, if there is breakdown it is very expensive therefore to control maintains it should be closely supervised and controlled.

Disadvantage of the bureaucracy

A little story to explain “there was a resident who has changed in to another apartment ,he was very happy .what he firstly done was went to the places like bank and call most of the place which needed changing address , after few day later he was trying to pay good by his credit card it did not work, he went to bank customer service passed on to manager and he pass on to branch, he was vary unset about the management” this shows that having bureaucratic system customer are not satisfied.

  • Always one person control the organisation and that person has more duty to attend therefore it frustrating.
  • What they do not understand is “everything comes down to people, customers are valuable, no customers no business, if they do not server needs have people like: human care, creativity, commitment, frustration despair. If in any case neglect organisation will not exit” bruce cryer .
  • Main advantages in government point of view straightforward level of impairment (UN) warning intelligent commentator clear that the organisation structure has issues in the society.

“The bureaucratic do fail in many occasion due to command digressive space (limiting public debates on their point of view) they destroy the resources (eg:tax), they act above the law.

“We find a threat to individuality: the conflict surfaces because the organizational rules become more important that the individuals they were designed to serve.” (Cheney, 2004, p. 33)

Every individual work like machine, they do not have the time space in spare to meet the customers. eg: in the college if you want to see the register it will take at least 3 to 4 days . The customers are not happy about it wasting the time of every one.

why it is not applicable

“To become a major player in the software development market, while staying small in order to

Guarantee quality and customer service” this was the mission statement.

“Bureaucracy applies to different people, in different ways in different firms. However, I am of the belief that sole companies are at a distinct disadvantage in today's competitive markets, especially when it comes to innovation and time-to-market. Highly bureaucratic organizational structures, while still fine for companies in old, mature markets that do not rely on innovation, are not able to quickly move on new ideas and are not able to restructure their workplaces to take advantage of new manufacturing techniques or the ideas of their employees.”


Today generally people see bureaucratic negatively and realise that bureaucratic have their own limitation .if companies rely on instruction and process they will be unmanageable and inflexible .it will lead to slow response to changing environment more likely to drown long run .

According to researcher's burns and stallder in the early 1960 “they say that firm's environment .the way they managed and organised stable environment worked well under a bureaucratic. It is boring stable and unchanged environment. They suggest that managers in constantly changing innovation environment need and organisation structure that allow them to be responsive and creative that way organisation is more alive.

Modern bureaucratic evidence clarify that it is categorised by “impersonality” the reason, most people infuriates because “they treat you like a number, not a person”

Finally the vision will be organisation must look alike and be a like when accomplishing craved goal. Therefore the main state will be destroying the bureaucratic structure. As a result of changes shows in a environment of empowered, most people will be happy in their jobs and will make the customers satisfied.

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