So What Exactly Is The Definition Of Good Leadership?

Leadership is a virtue of great value in today's society. To be an effective leader, it is very important to have good leadership and qualities.

What do they have in common: Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Helen Keller, Michael Jordan, Steve Waugh, Pel?? and Martin Luther King? The answer is very simple - they were all legendary leaders

So what exactly is the definition of good leadership?

How do you define leadership? Well, you can use this definition that describes leadership as a virtue by which we are able to inspire a group of people toward a common goal. Leadership is something that has often attracted relatively little debate. People constantly ask if leaders are born or if they become leaders with time. It is actually a combination of both. The greatest leaders of the world are born with unquestionably good leadership skills in their blood, while others have developed their own leadership characteristics over time and through life experiences.

We meet leaders in almost all areas of life, including politics, sports, society, spirituality, as well as in schools, colleges and even in our own homes. Leadership is a virtue that you must inevitably have if you dream of success and if you want to achieve certain goals that you set. So how do you make the transition from your current state to becoming a leader? What makes a good leader?
Many great leaders attribute their good leadership skills acquired through years of hard work, perseverance, determination, learning from mistakes and experiences. They all believe that a true leader is one who stands up in adversity, stabilizes the ship and guides it on the right path .

One thing is certain; whatever their profession or career, all world renowned chiefs share a set of common characteristics: behaviour and qualities. This, in all probability, makes them the true leaders they are. These great men and women embody true leadership.

Characteristics of a good leader
' Confidence: This is one of the largest and most visible characteristics of a true leader. Whatever the difficulties in which they find themselves, good leaders always have a sense of confidence. A super- confident entrepreneur can really make a difference.

' Communication: Another key characteristic of a good leader: a clear and effective communication is essential for a leader to succeed. Effective communication will ensure that his team fully understands what is expected of them. This translates into appropriate actions which in turn lead to the desired results.

' Manager: A leader must be able to mobilize the troops and manage its resources. Leadership involves having a good sense of understanding. Take into account the point of view of each person, and respect and appreciate the opinions and contribution of each. A dictator can be a leader, but a leader is not a dictator.

' Decision Maker: Leadership involves making decisions in split seconds. A good leader has to think fast and be able to make quick and smart decisions whenever the need arises.

' Lead by example: A leader should always lead by example. Intensify, take responsibility and do the work when the chips are down, is the mark of a true leader.

' Take risks: Last but not least, leadership requires risk-taking from time to time. When taking risks, it must be done in a calculated way, and after a careful assessment of the situation. Risk taking requires good vision and clarity of thought and action.

Always remember, everyone is not born leader. Good leadership can be developed through hard work, determination and experience. Developing skills of good leadership plays an important role in the process of career development.
A good leader is a leader who can communicate, who knows how to be clearly understood by his team members. This is a person who is able to analyze situations, decide, and especially provide different scenarios.
He must maintain the planned objectives and performance expected by his superiors.

With regard to managing a team:
- Het must be able to motivate the team, make them want to reach a goal, maintain a team spirit and also teach them to take responsibility towards their respective duties or assignment, in order to reach the set goal.
- A leader should know how to resettle an employee if the need arises
- A leader should legate tasks when necessary
- Build a reciprocal trust with his team
- Assume he has an intermediary role between the members of the team and the Higher Management, be supportive of both the decisions taken by the higher Management and at the same time support his team.
- Show that he is listening to his team if things do not go well and he can find solutions for both parties.
From the point of view of personal qualities a leader must be both balanced and firmly rooted in order to position himself in the decision, not in the reaction. He must also be aware and attentive to his team in particular. This implies that he is able to identify the expectations and motivations of his team, perceive the image he projects to them, and to take it all into consideration. In addition a good leader should to listen to his intuition, and takes into account when refining its decisions.
The leader is always at the heart of the action to assess, to anticipate.
More than finding solutions, a quality leader is creative: he imagines unprecedented answers to encountered problems.. He knows how to investigate the facts , assess the risks and anticipate changing situations , he has analytical skills that allow him to develop enlightened action plans enlightened .
Finally, within the team, leadership is to know how to create cohesion among people for a harmonious work environment.
All these qualities seem logical, but they are not easy to apply. However, they are necessary for a good leadership to ultimately achieve the desired goals.

High sentiments always win in the end; the leaders who offer blood, toil, tears and sweat always get more out of their followers than those who offer safety and a good time. When it comes to the pinch, human beings are heroic.
George Orwell

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