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The purpose of this report is to identify the proposed human resources plan for HungExport, regarding the project of exporting Palinka to Cyprus. Included are the details on the recruitment and selection process, education, training and development of staff, employment equity and diversity, individual performance management and assessment, employee wellness and the procedures of the workforce planning and administration. It shall give a whole picture of how the human resources will be managed and how the employees that are sent abroad will be supported and assessed on the progress of the project.


Recently our marketing department has carried out extensive market research into the market for alcohol consumption in Cyprus. The results and the statistics taken from secondary market research show that the island has a gap in its segment for quality alcoholic spirits. Since our company expertises in the export of Hungarian products worldwide we took the initiative to fill in that market gap. Thus we have drawn up the plan to export Palinka to Cyprus.

Also another reason why we have decided to look at Cyprus as an opportunity is because of large influx of Cypriot tourists and nationals in Hungary. The main reason apart from tourism is also Hungary's well spoken of education system. Since obviously Cypriot nationals like this country, we noticed this, we checked statistical analysis of the movement of expats in the country and figured that most sales of Hungarian duty free traditional products are bought by Cypriots. Hence another reason to start this project because there was a market need.

Recruitment and selection

The first step to take is to recruit managers to the four key departments. Operations, HR and Marketing will have two managers, one hired from Hungary and one hired from Cyprus. Finance is going to be only department with two Hungarian manager employees. Recruitment will take place with the aid of professional recruitment websites, through advertisement for the manager positions, and later at college job fairs and via local newspapers for the remaining positions.

Managers hired at the four key departments will earn 30,000-32,000 Euro/year, will be provided with housing and will receive some relocation reimbursement for airfare and shipping. Locally hired employees without previous job experience will receive the minimum wage in Cyprus while more experienced staff the average wage for a similar position on Cyprus.

These managers shall be what will basically be running the whole project with close contact to suppliers and vendors. Of course they shall be reporting to their supervisors and direct support shall be enforced through out our network, and our contacts. They shall be handling all the local requirements and dealing with the legal regulations and requirements in order to fully legalise our operations.

Education, training and development of staff

Before starting the business on Cyprus there will be a week long in house training in order to prepare the team before they depart for their journey to Cyprus. The in house training will include courses in language and an adaptation course to the change of culture. Later on depending on the need for training will be available through conferences and further in house trainings provide through local support centres in Cyprus. Expat employees (flying in from Hungary) will receive help with housing and other local issues, in case needed even Greek language training.

Employment equity and diversity management

It is desirable to have a good balance amongst Hungarian and local employees while providing the same benefits and job environment for all parties. Also the local employees despite their little or basic knowledge about our company will still provide a large input with the smooth operations for the project, AS they shall show competence where our Hungarian team shall be unable to do something because of the various barriers.

Individual performance management and assessment.

Staff in sales will have the chance to be paid besides the agreed wage also bonus for their sales performance. 10% of the sold products will count towards this bonus. We have decided to be generous as the team will be facing changes and thus in order to keep them motivated and to show them that they aren't just sent there and that we have completely forgotten about them. We must take care of our employees in this crucial time as if losing one of them it will take a lot of funds in order to retrain and to send another employee to replace them. Thus it is critical for them to be recognised for their efforts and their contributions.

Employee wellness

A cafeteria system similar to other companies of the same size and profile will be provided to everybody. A yearly survey will be also conducted about the well being of employees and actions will be planned accordingly to the outcome of these surveys. Team building activities will be also offered to all employees. The surveys shall also be the feedback of our team in Cyprus about the conditions they are dealing and if or not they request more support. This will make sure of an excellent communications network and also a direct connection between them and us. The survey will be used also to make analysis and stress control just in case employees are not coping well. Because if they are not motivated, if they don't feel safe in their environment this will jeopardise the whole project and will lead to the project not meeting its goals.

Workforce planning and administration

Depending on sales outcome further hiring will be possible. It is inevitable in the beginning phase of the company that staff hired in Hungary and people hired in Cyprus learn how to work together successfully. In order to ease this for everyone it will be an important hiring requirement to be able to work well in a multicultural environment. If this project shall perform as expected are planning to further expand on the Hungarian culture built through the sprit the Palinka already started. This with a possible expansion we are already understanding the need for further employees and perhaps have either the whole project outsourced or to open an office with more personnel.

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