1.0 Introduction:

In the world considering competition, increasing, development, improved business paradigms, and corporate status The NANDO'S is very famous organization. I would like to discuss the Human Resources Activities of NANDO'S

Human Resources Management is the process of acquiring training appraising and compensating, employees and attending to their labor relation, health and safety , and fairness concern and of Austin's comments it is important to note that achieving organizational goals cannot be done without human resources. Many factors affect the organization and its expected growth .Any organization therefore need to focus on developing strategies and explore great achievement to grow according to the demands of the business environment. One Company that understands the value of HRM is NANDO'S, which is very famous and quality Mozambiquan / Portuguees-themed restaurant chain that originated from south Africa.

2.0 Company Profile:

NANDO'S is very famous Restaurant , dominating in British Food sector with both global sales and domestic market share which caters in food. At first NANDO'S restaurant called Chickenland which was ultimately changed to NANDO'S . NANDO'S was incorporated in rosettenville in 1987 by the help of two friends named Robert Brozin and the son of Fernando Duarte who were living in South Africa . Actually it reflect the fusion of Portuguese and Mozambiquan cuisine. In UK NANDO'S was established in 1992 in Ealing, NANDO'S now specializes in chicken dishes with either lemon and herb , medium, hot or extra hot peri-peri marinades. Nando's is famous for its peri-peri chicken that Nandocas prepared. Nandoca refers to the person who works for NANDO'S Now about 6314 person working in the NANDO'S where 57% is male and 43% is female (NANDO'S website source, 2009) People belief that the Nandocas, are the ones who makes the difference , at NANDO'S. Julia Rosmond, Human Resources Director, has this to say, " People want to value the organization they work for and be valued in return." In the discussion Nandocas will be used to pertain to the people.


An organization will success when their HRM will good , energetic, knowledgeable punctual and discipline. HRM activities mainly depend on four broad identifying categories of activities :

-Recruitment and selection

-Development Training


And employee or union relations.

The nature of each of these activities changes over time and differs among companies, depending on their external and organization conditions as well as their objectives. Main objective of NANDO'S is to fight for client 'share of stomach' and well established fast-food outlets with a lifestyle of their own. NANDO'S is dependent on the success of national approaches and procedures (Pycraft, 2000,p,790) NANDO'S aim is not to be just another chain of restaurants instead the starting aimed that each NANDO'S restaurant to be individual and to reflect the characteristics of its location (NANDO'S online,2009) As the direction on Assignment Question I shall discuss the three activities of NANDO'S below:

3.1Recruiting and selection at NANDO'S :

Recruiting and selection Staffing regulates the composition of an organization's human resources . Skills, abilities and experiences of people be transferred , recruited, or laid off should select individuals in each case. Individuals and jobs matching formed the basis for selection , training , compensation if possible all employee decisions which model still pervades much of HRM.

Now a days Reliable concepts of roles are emerging to replace the original job model. NANDO'S our people feel rewarded for the work they do is very vital matter. They offer higher than minimum wage salaries across all our businesses internationally, as well as remuneration in every market that reflect employees' priorities. Staff place most significance on good basic pay and being paid fairly for overtime, and these are our priorities. For the recruitment and selection at NANDO'S organization may recruit workers internally and externally, identifying a suitable pool of applicants quickly, cost -efficiently and legally . The selection processes that the organization will employ should be technically sound and legal. Across the UK, NANDO'S is opening as many as 30 restaurants each year which means on going recruitment of NANDO'S. Striking a balance between internal and external recruitment . NANDO'S Human Resource is responsible for looking for NANDO'S that is capable of becoming Patrao is internally known as the Manager, Managing Director or General Manager. Putting in mind that the NANDO'S passion fuels the growth of the brand, future management opportunities are provided. (Ref. NANDO'S online, 2009).

On the other hand, NANDO'S HR always encourages applicants to contact local management team . At the central support level or Head office position became available . Cashier and Griller positions available in the restaurants specifically. Recruitment serves by the corporate website where career opportunities page in one of the fundamental elements of the site. Current positions are available in different areas of the uk as well as the 'how to apply' procedures. A key in achieving the objectives of the company, NANDO'S priorities the local people to make up the local version of NANDO'S in respective counties ( Ref. NANDO'S online, 2009; Taylor, 2005,p.39) . NANDO'S regularly try to maintain preference for any group of applicants is strongly refuted, recruitment and employment decisions that NANDO'S HR ready are made on the basis of fair and objective criteria.

3.2 Management Development and training at NANDO'S:

In Management Development training some steps should apply as like as:

- Long term training

- Orientation

- Product training

- Skill training

- On-job and off -job training

- Self -learning

- Management Development training

- Specific Competence Training

The important activities of HR are employee development and training activities. From these activities teach new skills, refine existing skills, and affect employee attitudes. e.g. new employees typically undergo an orientation session soon after joining the organization. Orientation makes new employees feel part of the group. Development activities are powerful when they are integrated with other HR activities. Continuous training is vital to achieving competitiveness. Continuous learning and flexibility requiring for a learn where manufacturing workers may be assigned to a team .Each member of the team expected to learn every job Quality checking, statistical process control , resetting machines scheduling and other tasks that were formerly the domain of supervisors are now common fare for all employees. Employee development assures that the learning necessary to perform the job takes place.

At NANDO'S, They value their people, This means a performance review at least once a year, and if they are on development for bigger role, a career discussion once every 12 month s. We provide the support and direction for you to meet your goals . Employee will also receive structured training and development that involves both in store training on the shop floor and attending workshops . NANDO'S offer professional training and development for all our people that involves attending workshops and in kitchen training. NANDO'S understands that it must be trained to focus on their present jobs and to develop them to prepare for possible future jobs. The resource-based HRM model gives way on the possibility of work-related learning and the mobilization of employee through learning strategies. Guest (1987) noted that the incremental function of HRM is central on the emergence of better educated workforces and higher individual expectations. NANDO'S always try to invests heavily on people and training , so training are on going and these are performed in- house. Learning and development of the people is tailored with each individual's needs by working with the learning and development department.

In the training program, the employees are given strategic perspectives and business goals management skills; The first three months of working as a NANDO'S trainee is devoted to learning the necessary skills and management skills required to be successful at NANDO'S. Trainees are supported and coached by NANDO'S Legends as well as other Nandocas working at the L&D department. Completing three month-long training , trainees are invited to a self development workshop wherein the Nondoca or the trainee will prepare a development plan for the coming years. Success of training will depend on the position that the Nandoca or Nandoca trainee is currently programs. Train the trainer and working in management Teams.

3.3 Compensation at NANDO'S:

Wage to Total Labor costs and Rewarding performance

Positioning the organization's pay relative to its competitors' pay. Ensuring equitable pay differences among employees and deciding whether pay increases should be based on individual, team, or organization performance measures are all compensation issues. Employees are a substantial part of the operating costs of an organization these costs are a function of the number of employees, their wages and benefits, plus costs for training , hiring and so on . Historically, managers controlled wage levels and the number of employees. Increasingly the focus has shifted to understanding the effects of wages and employment security on total labor costs and strengthening the links between pay and performance. Sustained competitive advantage model of HRM ( See Appendix section) claims that the organization shall seek the betterment of internal and definite processes , procedures and systems which aimed at consolidating competencies, continuous education, proficient performance at individual and collegial levels and balance monetary and non-monetary reward systems (Bratton, 2001). For instance, dealing with compensation issues will be unique on the basis of structural consideration (i.e. corporate, business -level and functional.) Compensation aims at establishing and maintaining a competent loyal workforce at an affordable cost. Nandocas experience both direct and indirect compensations at NANDO'S. Basic salary is based on the experience and quarter and annual bonus are also provided. Aside from free staff meals per shift, Nandocas are endowed with 20% staff discount card. Along with the 28-day paid holidays. There is a long service pay reward where in a Nandoca will receive an extra four weeks which has to be taken all at once after every five years (NANDO'S online, 2009)

Nandocas, moreover, also enjoy area drinks evenings quarterly that include a themed Christmas party at the last quarter. On December restaurants are closed early during these days especially for Nandocas to enjoy festivities and celebrate before the customers. An annual family fun day are also available with all the members of the family of the Nandoca are invited for a party in the park. (NANDO'S online, 2009) . Nandocas enjoy an annual conference as well. Other than the opportunity to progress to patrao, after 18 months of being successful as a patrao they will be entitled to join partnership scheme provided that KPI s are met and NANDO'S values are lived. When a patrao becomes a partner, they are benefited to input key decisions and a financial reward for being a key stakeholder at NANDO'S (NANDO'S on line2009).


Planning issue is particularly critical for firms doing business overseas , for they needs to analyze both the local and the internationsl external labor markets as well a their own Internal labor markets in order to estimate the supply of people with the skills that will be required at some time in the future . Six other key issues in international HR Planning are as follows:

- Identifying to management potential early

- Identifying critical success factors for future international managers

- Providing developmental opportunities

- Tracking and maintaining commitments to individual in International career paths

- Tying strategic business planning to HR Planning and vice versa.

- Dealing with the multiple business units while attempting to achieve globally and regionally focused (e.g. European, Asia) Strategies.

In developed countries national labour markets can usually supply the skilled technical and professional peo;le needed . Applicants of today are looking for the chance to development or simply employment progression . Employers, on the other hand , capitalize on this progression orientation of applicants by providing training and development . NANDO'S understands that Nandocas must be trained to focus on their present jobs and to develop them to prepare for possible future jobs. The resource based HRM model gives way on the work-related learning and the mobilization of employee through learning strategies. Guest (1987) noted that the incremental function of HRM is central on the emergence of better educated workforces and higher individual expectations.

Incase of NANDO'S try to maintain the some methods gradually which is actually supported by the theme of HR researchers, are as follows:

4.1 Training Method at NANDO'S:

Always a careful use of training methods can be a very cost -effective investment in the sense of using the appropriate method for the needs of a person or group NANDO'S HR to allow both Nandocas and Nondoca trainees to realize their true potential by a career development program guides .Not only that NANDO'S invests heavily on people and training that is why training are ongoing and these are performed in-house . Learning and development department by working learning and development of people is tailored with each individual's needs. The first quarter of the year Nondoca trainee is devotee to learning the necessary skills and management skills required to be successful at NANDO'S. All trainees are supported and coached by NANDO'S Legends as well as other Nandocas working at the Learning and Development Department. Completing the three month , trainees are invited to a self development workshop wherein the Nandoca or the trainee will prepare a development plan for its awarded training programs such as coaching programs .Train the trainer and working in Management Teams. However, Many methods commentators have mentioned that organizations often use inappriate methods which canbe both costly and time wasting and bring very little improvement in the performance of the employee , Storey (1991) .

4.2 On-the-Job Method:

For NANDO'S , ensuring that the right people is in the right job at the right time encompasses three processes that include strategic plan -based forecasting of personnel requirements skills inventory to analyses. HR plans involve the global market place and the future. Planning begins with the assurance that the right number of individuals is properly placed at the proper position (Graton, 1999,p.118 Pride, Hughes and Kapoor (p.315) maintain that human resource planning is the development of strategies for matching the size and skills of the workforce to organisational needs. Personnel supply and buddy system to match personnel requirements with the supply.

It is probably the most common approach to training. It can range from relatively unsophisticated 'observe and copy' method to highly structured course built into workshop or office practice, Cannell (1997) defines on -the-Job method as ,

- (training that is planned and structured that takes place mainly at the Norman workstation of the trainee although some instruction may be provided in a special training area on the site and where an manager , supervisor trainer or peer colleague spends significant time with a trainee to teach a set of skills that have been specified in advance . It also includes a period of instruction where there may be little or no useful output in terms of productivity)

- 'Sitting by nellie' and learning by doing

- Metoring

- Shadowing and job rotation

At the case of NANDO'S we can find that after three month - long training will depend on the position that the Nandoca or Nandoca trainee is currently occupying. Nonetheless, NANDO'S boasts for its awarded training programs such as Coaching programs. Train the trainer and Working in Management teams. For NANDO'S, ensuring that the right people is in the right time encompasses three processes that include strategic plan-based forecasting of personnel requirements , skills inventory to analyze personnel supply and buddy system to match personnel requirements with the supply.

4.3 Off-the -Job Training at NANDO'S:

Courses and other types of 'off the Job' training have come in for much criticism , and are often viewed by the both recipients and fellow employees as a waste of time and money. Yet off the job training is some times necessary to get people away from hustle and bustle of the work environment. This is enables the trainee to study theoretical information or be exposed to new and innovative ideas .The problem arises when those ideas or learning experiences do not appear to relate to the work situation . As we have seen from the research of story (1991) , The predilection for sending employees on courses that do not appear to have much relevance to the employee or the job ( 'Programmitis') only enhances the negative view of this type of training . In case of NANDO'S it is only works as hospitality sector , NANDO'S introduces very short items so trainee have failed to get more ideas and experiences from the training .A course of action for matching the required personnel with that the supply, Nando's employs the buddy system. Each restaurant has two buddies who are in charge of training at that outlet. Politt(2006) relates that body system aim at the learning how to run, interactive and fun training sessions for restaurant staff. This system represents a stepping stone towards supervisory and management positions. As such, 80% of supervisors in NANDO'S UK are products of this buddy system as it furthers talents that donot only put in center the work in the restaurants but also being part of NANDO'S growth.

5.0 Performance Analysis of NANDO'S:

All organizations are virtually allotting at least 30% of their total revenue for employee compensation. expenditures are evaluate to determine their effectiveness performance that is the basis of compensation should be also assessed , HR performance is not an exemption and also that of Nando's . Basically, Nondo's is using a market leader strategy when workers with the required capabilities as well as to acquire the opportunity to increase the productivity of the workers ( Mathis and Jackson,2007,p.366 ) Nando's success also recognizes the strategic role of the HR people is to successfully provide a high quality HR service to the business. People -related issues are dealt with in systematic way through the implementing group HR strategy at various levels across England as well . With all the works and responsibilities that are vested on the HR people, it would only be plausible to determine how their performance is being measured.

HR performance at Nando's is measured by a 360- degree appraisal for the purpose of highlighting the strengths and development areas of these people . Bohlander and Snell (2009,p.374) define 360-degree performance review as the process of gathering feedback from areview panel of eight to twelve people which include co-workers, super visors, team members. Subordinates and performance appraisal but depending on the preferred learning style of them. Performance of the HR people. Part of the rewards of HR people is the result of these review and survey other than their basic salary.

While 360-degree feedback and staff surveying are comprehensive in that responses are gathered from multiple perspectives and provides inputs for both outcomes and behavior. They lack objectivity as well as they conjure invalid evaluations . As Armstrong (2006) put it. Performance management is also a strategy that relates organizational endeavors embedded in the context of human resource (HR) policies; It would be plausible to implement a critical incident file and behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS) so that HR performance appraisal would be more objective and precise .

Critical incident file refers to the performance appraisal method wherein the manager jots down the positive and negative performance behaviors of employees throughout the performance period. The file is a form of documentation I contain briefly commentaries regarding noteworthy events in the working life of an employee. Drawbacks are that it tends to be bias because of its individualistic nature and dependent on the competence of the appraiser. For Nando's , this requires a position higher than the HR people to conduct the documentation . However, this person should be also working closely with the HR people , which may be a challenge.

Further , strength of BARS are it is more accurate and objective than critical incident file BARS has its legitimacy under security because the effectiveness of performance is being measured by several statements that describe the performance of an HR employee. It is the superior who will select one that best describes that HR employee thereby having bias while doing so. Nonetheless , this could be address by assigning a competent superior to do the job and devising HR metrics and standards wherein best statement will be chosen based on these metrics and standards.


In sum, the report discusses the various HR strategies implemented inside Nando's particularly that complements with the basic function of the HR like recruitment , training and development, compensation and performance appraisal. As Nando's aim for individualism of each store, the five core values are carefully integrated in their processes. The responsibility to do such is mainly vested on the HR department to put people that reflect the distinctiveness goal relevant to this is the spontaneity of the processes hence Nando's aimed at cultivating a people culture through the HR department. Having said this, it would be only right for Nando's goal is to obtain and retain a quality workforce and skills audit would be a starting point of the succession planning process. Skills auditing results in the understanding of the skills required and the gaps that the organization currently possesses; the targeted analysis of the development needs ; the list of people of who need development the data that can be utilized for internal selection and the information that can be used for dynamic succession planning.

Career pathing is another course of action necessary for an effective succession planning. We can define the career pathing as a sequence of developmental activities involving informal and formal eduction, training , and job experiences that help make and individual capable of holding jobs that are more advanced. Actually , formalized career paths lead to precise descriptions of chronological work experiences as well as how the different sequences relate to one another. The organization must use career pathing activities that enhance skills, competencies, and knowledge of employees.

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