Human Resource Planning:-

Human resource planning is an approach to anticipate forces that will influence future demand and supply of employees of the organization. Sometime organization incorporate usage of HRIS (human resource information systems) to provide accurate and and timely information for HR planning. Human resource planning parallels the plans for business as a whole.

The internationalization of organizations has resulted in complexity of Human resource planning and consequently formulating the concept of Global Human resource management.

Importance of Human Resource Planning:-

Organization cannot one fine day decide to assume future needs of human resources or guess work the human resource planning. It is a step by step approach which is done in a very careful and precise fashion. Bad or inaccurate human resource planning turn out to be disastrous for any business.


Human resource planning requires that we gather data on the Organizational goals objectives. It is very important to understand where the Organization wants to go and how it wants to get there. The needs of the employees are derived from the corporate goals of the Organization. Therefore, the HR Plan must have an approach to express laid out Company strategies into planned results and budgets so that these can be converted in terms of numbers and skills required by the human resource of organization to achieve organizational goals.


After knowing what human resources are required by the Organization, the next step is stock taking of the current employees of the Organisation. The HR inventory should not only relate to data concerning numbers, ages, and locations, but also an analysis of individuals and their skills. Skills inventory provides information about professional and technical skills and other qualifications available in the organisation. It reveals what skills are immediately available when compared to the forecasted HR requirements.


Human resources or organization are as important as physical and financial assets of the organization and hence need to be audited from time to time to know whether organization is making profit or loss in terms of human resource. Unlike financial auditing the lower number being able to achieve the goals is a sign of good organized planning. A lower number of human resources being able to achieve goals and increasing productivity is human resource profit.

The Audit looks at what had occurred in the past and at present in terms of labor turn over, age and sex groupings, training costs and absence. Based on this information, one can then be able to predict what will happen to HR in the future in the Organization.

Resource Planning: -

People are the greatest asserts in any Organization. The Organization has freedom to develop its staff at full pace in the way ideally suited to their individual capabilities in order to align Organization's objectives as near as possible, or matched, in order to give optimum opportunities for the developing potential of its employees.

The questions that should lead the HR planning are:

  1. Whether or not the organization is making good and effective use of the available talent that it has in the Organization, and

  2. Does the organization have enough provision for the future?

  3. Are employees satisfied with their growth in terms of advancing their career and achieving personal goals?

Assignment of individuals to planned future posts enables the administration to ensure that these individuals may be suitably prepared in advance.

Implementation of Planning:-

There are three fundamental necessities for this first step.

    1. Know where you are going.
    2. There must be acceptance and backing from top management for the planning.
    3. There must be awareness of available financial, physical and human resources.

Once in action, the HR Plans becomes integrated part of the Corporate plan. Having been made and concurred with top management, the plans become a part of the company's long-term plan. Failure to achieve the HR Plans due to cost, or lack of knowledge, may be a serious threat to achieving long-range orginsational goals.

Legal Issues and Organizational requirements effecting Human Resource Planning Of British Airways:

Legal regulations have forced many organizations, especially large ones, to assess carefully the relationship between an applicant's characteristics (e.g. abilities) and job performance. Such evaluation studies are beneficial for employers because they serve to monitor the objective of getting the right people for the right job.

While British airways is operating in UK its human resource planning has to be laid out in accordance with local employment laws which are one of the most stringent in the world. Hence BA has to plan keeping several factors such as health and safety procedures, disciplinary procedures, trade unions, wage/pay rates, redundancies and dismissals etc. illegal or unfair actions against the employment laws, employee rights and general human rights can turn out to be very expensive for BA both financially and damaging their brand and corporate image.

Regardless of the size of BA it has to take care of following issues before processing with hiring an employee.

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