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           There are many types of leadership theories or personality theories or we can call them as test if we are examining ourselves with these tests. They are actually to examine one's leadership and personality traits. It is also to determine what kind of leadership style does a person follows. From that we can know how to deal with that person. It is very important for a person to follow a particular leadership style. It can be either from any leaders' theory or autocratic or participative leadership theories. These all are just to tell about the person's leadership way. Same goes to me, as I took these leadership test, I got to know what kind of style been followed by me as per the theory.


           Johari Window is a personality test invented by two people who are Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in 1950s. This test is actually about the model for mapping personality awareness. It is not only describing yourself from your point of view but your friends and colleagues as well. Frome that, it will clearly show what kind of person you are.


           As per the creators of Johari Window, it is for mapping personality awareness. Based on the test, when asked to evaluate my, Bavani Sathiaseelan, according to my characteristic, I chose adaptable, calm, confident, extroverted, religious, and tense. Not only I, but even my friends and colleagues also agreed with those descriptions. Besides my own personal descriptions, others also have me with a list of characteristics of mine towards them. It means the attitude I am showing towards them. They are bold, brave, caring, cheerful, clever, complex, friendly, happy, helpful, independent, ingenious, intelligent, introverted, kind, knowledgeable, loving, mature, modest, nervous, observant, organised, patient, powerful, quiet, reflective, relaxed, responsive, sensible, sentimental, shy, silly, sympathetic, trustworthy, warm and witty. These are all the characteristics are in me from others point of view. This shows that I am showing all kind of characteristics to others no matter positive or negative. Based on the most voted characteristics, it shows that I am a very outspoken and jovial person who can get along and understand others easily. Besides that, the percentage given in the research says that I am friendly person and there is a proof showing 63%. It is also been proved by 19 of people who have voted. Besides that, the second ranking would go to caring which is about 46%. With this percentage, based on Johari Windows, it has been proved that I can run democratic leadership management by reviewing others' opinion as well. Then comes loving, happy, and helpful and so on. These characters may give a clear path way for me to deal people in group as there will be participative method of leadership when it comes to group work. Moreover, there won't have any kind of autocratic behaviour in me in the group as per the Johari Window test.


           Lewin's leadership theory was created along with his colleagues in the 1939s. They found that there are three types of leadership styles which are the autocratic, democratic and laissez- faire. Autocratic leadership style is where the decision is taken without discussing with others. The leaders will direct on what to do and how the work should be done. Autocratic leadership can result a bossy and controlling situations whereby this autocratic leadership style is better to use in situation where there is a little time to make a decision. Besides that, this leadership style can be used for problem solving and directing situations as per Lewin's theory. Democratic leadership style is where the group members also involves in the decision making process with the leader. Even though the leader's decision is the final one, yet the group participation is there. There is a problem in choosing the proper decision when there are wide ranges of different opinions. This leadership style can be used in situation like where the leader needs to rely on the well performing employees who can give quality statements. Laissez- Faire leadership style is a way to decrease the involvement of the leader but increase the involvement of the employees that too well performing employees in decision making. They will be responsible for the decision made. It is considered as one the great way to motivate the employees besides controlling and ruling them.

           When took the test to determine what kind personality is in me, it showed that I am a person with Authoritarian and Democratic. This indicates that ruling and sharing will be there in my way of leadership towards the employees as well as people based on Lewin's leadership theory.


           "Your result indicates that your leadership style is both authoritarian and democratic". This indicates that I am a person who can handle both types of situation based on the research done with the help of Lewin's leadership theory.

           According to the research, the authoritarian leadership style which i have is based on the situation. When there is a need to be autocratic then that type of leadership style will be imposed. But normally democratic leadership style will be applied as the group participation is important for me according to the research.


           Emotional intelligence test is to evaluate the emotional intelligence aspect within a person. From this, one can know about himself further detailed. People with high intelligence said to be more successful compare to those with lower emotional intelligence. This indicates emotional intelligence can make a person to be more outstanding.


           Based on the result from the emotional intelligence test, the result shown is slightly below the average. According to the result, it shows that person like me as the ability to understand with people and can deal with the own emotion but for others it's just barely acceptable. Eventually, people with emotional intelligence can actually adopt whatever difficulties on their way. It has been proven in my case according to the test. Besides that, those people with emotional intelligence, have the ability to control the mood and can motivate themselves. It will help them to overcome the obstacles and will guide them to reach the goal.

           Additionally, they will have good social relationship where they can get along with people easily and can fulfil the needs. It will allow them to mix with others comfortably and the intimacy level is there in a decent range. Offering easy time is there as per the report to support others. Lastly, according to the report received, this person who is me, actually can be more confident in dealing with the own emotions and others' as well.


           Self- esteem test is all about the inner self of a person where it includes about the happiness, fulfilling relationship, and achievements. This test will help one to determine what kind of work you need to do on yourself. It will help a person to improve well besides hearing from others. It is also a self test where you can know how to improve yourself from making mistakes repetitively. It is an essential way for us to function in healthy way. The foundation need to be in correct way so that our career, live, love family commitments, social life, and others will be in correct way or the flow will be positive. So, being well behaved person will determine what kind of life style we are following.


           The result indicates that I, Bavani Sathiaseelan has a fairly healthy self worth. It shows that the self esteem in me is actually above the average or can be said in a good position. There is no habit of downsizing. From the result we can know that there is a habit where rarely putting me down or fall victim to self depreciating statements. Normally there are many statements to "feed" someone with high values. Those values need to be achieved to be an outstanding and positive person. Those values are seemed to be in me as per the result. There are proves shown as attitudes and beliefs that have been found to contribute to and positive self image and you appear to have them in many ways.

           Besides that the result shows that i am well loved and respected person. It also shows that I am a good enough person to be loved by someone and can focus on the good qualities rather than perceiving only good qualities. The opinions that having in me is generally quite positive. Where it is a healthy thing to have but a poor sense of self worth where it can hold someone back from pursuing your goals, because it can cause unnecessary stress. Or it also can become self fulfilling prophecies. As a whole, the result is giving 79% out of 100%. This indicates good result where people can be easily lead a group with confident.


           As the conclusion, these tests are worth to be taken because it will mould a person to the right shape if he/ she have some negative qualities as most of them do not like to be criticized. So, by taking these quizzes one can improve himself. There will be no interruption of others to get to know about others personal thing.

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