Time and again different personalities have created a stir in digital space.

Michael Jackson, Daya and ACP Pradyuman of CID, our very own super dude, Rajnikanth, Arnab Goswami and the most recent being Alok Nath and Neil Nitin Mukesh. What is it that have made them so famous with one joke after another flashing our screens. I often hear people remarking, 'There comes another AlokNath joke'. So what is it that joking about a person becomes a fad so quickly and spreads like fire? Is it connected to digital space having connected people worldwide so seamlessly that messages reach one another like rapid fire or is it connected to some human psychology which needs to be delved upon?

It is true that the seamless integration which Whatsapp, YouTube and the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook provide between people sitting in different parts of the world are big reason behind these people creating stir in digital space with such a speed. As soon as a topic picks up interest of some people it is followed, liked and shared which is then followed and shared by their friends and it becomes like a chain.

Anything that appeals even slightly to emotions of people has the potential to become fad on digital space. It is not about being a big personality. An example of this is the millions of wishes and gifts which a young boy suffering with a disease like Autism received when his mother appealed to the people at large through social sites telling them the tale of his loneliness. It touched people's heart and soon enough it was a rage. Surely even the boy's mother was surprised and overwhelmed by the response she got.

Let us talk about another personality, Arvind Kejriwal who has been creating stir in digital space since months now. Not only on social networking sites, Arvind Kejriwal has created stir on YouTube too where his funny videos are being created like Nayak2 and there are also certain videos featuring Arvind Kejriwal and Alok Nath together. He created this stir because he appealed to the patriotic side of the people. He appealed to the suffering of the people. He came forward and made common people realise that they are not common. Again this personality touched an emotion of human beings which made him a rage.

Another aspect of this is the psychology of human beings who are in search of fun in their life. In this fast moving world people are so busy all the time that they tend to get frustrated and need a break from their monotonous life. A person may have all the rich in his life bit a monotonous life is like a slow poison which kills you slowly and steadily every day. Paulo Coelho also talks about the same philosophy in his novel 'Veronica Decided to die' where the girl with all the luxuries of life attempts suicide because of monotony in it. Humour gives people the break they need to vent out their stress and acts as soothing medicine. This is the reason why serials like 'Comedy with Kapil' and 'Laughter Challenge' also became such a rage. Even in our personal lives people like to be with a person who has good sense of humour rather than one who is grieving all the time.

Another fact we need to investigate is that these jokes are always making fun of the personalities who create the stir. People I feel have a demon lurking inside them who rejoices in making fun of others. When they read these jokes it fills their appetite and they join in to make fun of others. Whether you take Rajnikanth, Alok Nath, or Arnab Goswami they did become popular but all the time they were being made fun of with people laughing away at miseries of others. People like to mock others. This makes their lives more interesting and seemingly less sorrowful. All said it is not that they want to hurt the person in question but the light jokes that they crack on these personalities which seem otherwise harmless are born out of these hidden psychologies.

Hence we can say that the key to all this is appealing to emotions of human beings. Be it sadness, hate, sympathy, love or jealousy. These personalities may have become famous on digital space without any deliberate attempt but marketers can consciously use this as a tool to create a buzz. In fact this is happening and this is what is called viral marketing. However, while doing these marketers must keep in focus their ethics too. They should not exploit human beings emotions so much that they cannot differentiate between a marketing campaign and reality. People should not be misled. Instead the purpose should be to make them aware by creating sensations.

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