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EasyJet is a UK based second largest low cost airline company in Europe. The full name is EasyJet Airline Company Limited, with callsign easy, IATA code U2 and ICAO code EZY. It was founded in October 18, 1995 by Stelios Haji-Ioannou. It started operating on November 10, 1995, with two wet leased Boeing 737-200 aircrafts. The easyjet started flying on the international route when it got its own aircraft in April 1996. Easyjet could not receive Air Operator Certificat till October 1997, so initially was operated by GB Airways, and then Air Foyl. During 1997 easyjet purchased 12 new Boeing 737-300, and 15 Boeing 737-700 in 1998. Now it is a Public Limited Company and is listed on London Stock Exchange since October 2000. Stelios Haji-Ioannou's family owns 17% of its shares, and 49% shares in easyjet Switzerland. In May 2004 it started operation from Berlin Schonefeld Airport to 11 routes in the world. (www.theAirDB.Com, 2010)

2. Situation Analysis

The basis of business philosophy is to achieve best possible efficiency with declining Cost.

Easy-jet operates flights on 500 domestic and international routes and 118 airports. It has workforce of 8000 employees, 20 bases throughout Europe, and 180 aircrafts.

In the business model of the easyjet, all unnecessary costs are cut-off. Travel agents are removed from the business process resulting in the reduction in cost. Customers can book by direct telephoning or through internet.

At start easyjet opted telephone as a single sale channel. But later one internet was adopted as a tool for (online) sale, and to observe the impact of online sales, a phone number along with other basic information was published on the website (www.easyjet.com), without any facility of online booking. The Use of Phone number published in website enabled management to estimate the usage of website and online utilization of services.

Easyjet launched its site (www.easyjet.com) in 1997, while online booking facility was inculded in the website in 1998.

Till August 1999, 38% of seats were sold through internet. By September 2000 online sales reached 85% resulting from a discount of GBP 2.5 on a single trip, and in 2003 online sales reached 90%. So internet helped easyjet to increase its business on one hand and reduce cost on the other.

Easyjet main feature is low cost, which is achieved by avoiding the cost of travel agent, in-flight meal, printed tickets. Ticket is replaced with a PIN number generated at the website at the time of booking and is given by passenger at the airport before flight. (www.easyjet.com, 2010), (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EasyJet, 2010)

3. e-Marketing Strategy

Main strategy for the promotion of business is to promote it website and to make its url available in the search engines and advertised website through different media. A sort of sub-domain was also built for the readers of the Times, named www.easyjet.times.com The promotion of company's url brought a new trend and increased the online sale very rapidly.

Media and newspapers are informed about promotions of new offers by referring them to the website. Instead of advertising agencies, to be involved in publicizing the new features of the company, website is taken as a tool to advertise about all major features and attractions. (Effraim Turban, 2009)


The Implementation is based upon 'Web's favorite Airline' to become 'Web-only airline'.

The main strategy to implement the website is that its structure is simple and fully functional. It does not include unnecessary graphics and color schemes, and that the web pages have summarized contents without any extra options and captions. The web pages are navigable from other pages. Site was built to accommodate all the features of the business. Whenever a new feature is adopted, the site is updated making the feature appear on the site instantly.

Effective of the site is analyzed by analyzing number of calls on the phone number that are published in it. A passenger spends a small portion time surfing the site and gets maximum information in that time. (http://2009annualreport.easyjet.com/ , 2009)

The aircrafts have website address printed on their front.



Polotical factors have a greater impact on an organization in many ways. These factors may be advantageous or obligations on an organization, and its business especially in a competitive environement. These include:

Legislation and laws for wages structure and anti decrmination

Trade agreement, tariffs


Market regulations, volunteery codes

Easyjet has to keep close eye onto its web site to avoid any such violation, in its emarketing, online booking, etc


Global and national economical factors, fiscal policies, interest rates are major source of economical impact on business. However low economy will boost easyjet business while growing economy may facilitate passengers fly expensive airlines, with more facilities on board. Easyjet has to be aware of the economics of the stakeholders, and offer or withdraw facilities publised instantly on the net.


Social factors, like family community, friends, colleagues, media, culture, are to be kept in view and decide plans for such a social groups. When booking a seat, Easyjet website may put questions on these points.


Because most of the sales are online, the website must be up and running 24/7. Webservers and ISP are the key factor for internet based business. The website structure is simple and modifiable.

Telephones are used to analyse the usage of website. A visitor may spend a few minutes and can surfs different web pages without memorizing any technical details of the site. (Debra Paul, Donald Yeats, 2006), (easyjet plc annual report 2009)

4.2 SWOT Analysis (sTRENGTH, WEAKNESSES, opportunities, THREATS)


Internet and website is fully integrated into easyjet business model.

Website is simple and has summarized information

Website navigation is simple, user can visit to a web page from any other page.

Online seat booking facility is available.

A passenger can change his/ her flight schedule.

Website keeps track of user contacts

Email notification for new opportunities are delivered with a suggestion to visit site for details.

Company's website and url are advertised through aircrafts and media advertisement

website utilization is measured by the number of telephone calls advertised on the website.

Online sale, marketing, booking saves a lot of budget.

Website is a source of company's advertisement and is available on search engines.

EasyJet is leading and minimized cost travel Service at domestic and international routes which results in maximum seats occupancy.

No-ticket, no-in-flight-meal, no agent, are the sources of reduced cost alongwith lower training cost by using only two models of aircrafts.

Passenger safety is another top priority for which new fleet is inducted

Online seat booking facility is available.

A passenger can change his/ her flight schedule.

Website keeps track of user contacts

Email notification for new opportunities are delivered with a suggestion to visit site for details.

Company's website and url are advertised through aircrafts and media advertisement

Easyjey aircrafts have website address, which distinguishes it from other airlines, and is useful for passengers.

Recognized as a leading brand name in the UK travel industry and remains in memory for long.

Responsibility of environment, global warming prevention, are the priorities for implementing business plans.

Well managed company with leadership qualities of top management.

With international destinations it is choice for business traveler.

easyjest website is simple to use and provides all necessary information. Visitors can book a seat, cancel it, as well as reschedule it for another time

Easyjet maintains an online database system which includes contact information.using this features online promotions ere e-mailed to customers, media, other contacts.


Emarketing strategy is accessible and applicable to those who use internet.

Maximum discount facilities are available to the internet users only.

Website does not provide feedback facility.

Website does not facilitates e-payments system, which is a trend of payments in modern times.

www.easyjet.com does not integrate or interact with other sites of the same nature, that may benefit easyjet improve its business model. So lacks behind in B2B emarketing

Easyjet has to face its competitors especially smaller competitors, impact easyjet to cut down its profit. Especially Domestics competitors are a greater challenge. This may more problematic in dynamic market environment.

Food and drinks are not provided while on-board. And if someone needs then it has be arranged, before or during the flight on payment.

It still is missing many destinations on the international routes, like Asia, etc

Additional taxes or other sudden expenses may misbalance the status of the company financial statu that may result in reduced benefits to passengers.

It could not devise some stable strategy for attracting business travelers

Labor force union may create problems in smooth operation of the company.


Easyjet website link may increase in its popularity.

Link popularity will result in more online customers for the company, hence increased online sales, booking, etc.

Easyjet website maybe turned into a full-fledged web portal like www.face.com

In the portal other travel services and users, may opt to chat, share ideas, review a service, discuss different options, innovate new opportunities, etc

Using this portal, user groups may be created. These groups may be utilized for the improvement purposes.

Easyjet may involve free and dedicated email service for its customers like www.mail.yahoo.com ([email protected] ). These facilites will affect other opportunities for the company

Number of passengers may increase in future that will continue for year

New member of European Union may result in increased business and other travel activities which in turn may be taken as a chance to further improve company's business.

Expansion in company's services and features may bring opportunities in growing market environment.

Business may be expanded by the discontinuity of other airlines from operating on less profiting route

Aircrafts of the company may be leased out during the low travel season.


Hackers are the threats for websites. Some hackers hack data for enjoyment while other for some benefits like financial gains. Apart there are hackers who theft a company's data for the competitors whose purpose is to decline the business of the company.

Also by hacking wrong messages and misleading data and facts may be passed to intended customers and passengers.

A user may be allowed to purchase a seat that may be misused, specially in the current environment of terrorism and extremism.

Misuse of internet based web portal and current website may result in threat against the growth of the business.

Modern technologies like teleconferencing, may also decrease the air travel

Low cost business model with cutting down price may go vague if the cost of other inputs like fuel or taxes are increased, which may make website look useless.

Opponents may turn to start their own lower cost business which may reduce the opportunities for easyjet

Other companies may also start and a situation saturation may arise in the airline industry.

(Debra Paul, Donald Yeats, 2006), (easyjet plc annual report 2009), (Ravi Kalakota, 1996)


Revealing recipients' details online or on any emails is illegal.

User of the message may conceal his identity and show message from the company itself.

It may include some data about business, its business title, contact informations.

A valid address of the recipients of emails be included.

Unsolicited marketing email messages must not be sent to anyone without prior consent.

All commercial email must be clearly identifiable, either in the subject or the body of the message.

There should be mechanism for the recipient to opt for receiving or stopping further emails in future.

Online data must be made secure. Technique of encryption is used to hide the actual data. This is achieved by using either Public key or Private Key for the encryption process. The data is decrypted at recipient site by using these keys. Easyjet has to adopt encryption decryption mechanism to avoid data theft.

There are programs that can be used to stop pornography and sexual material.

Mechanism for stopping spasm is must in now-days online data sharing. In Spamming bulk messages are sent to groups of users without any information of the recipients

Copyright laws are to be followed and data from other sources must not be allowed to be copied or used without prior permission of the author.

(easyjet plc annual report 2009), (Ravi Kalakota, 1996), (V Debra Paul, Donald Yeats, 2006)


The primary purpose of this report is to analyze business model of the Easyjet airline and studythe marketing strategies, specially the emarketing aspects of the organization.

Easyjet is a low cost airline. It started using internet for online business of the organization and cut down many cost including the cost of ticket. Website published phone numbers are used to determine the efficiency and usage of website.

Easyjet launched its website (www.easyjet.com) in 1997 and in 1998 it was changed to a dynamic site with online booking facility.

All the sales and business activities are carried out on the internet. Company's URL was advertised while other promotions were announced through the site itself.

The website itself is kept simple with necessary informations and options, and one can navigate it without any training. The site is efficient and gives best performance.

Business policies are developed keeping in view the political, economical, technical, Strength aspects and the site is maintained accordingly.


easyJet is a UK based second largest low cost airline company in Europe. The full name is EasyJet Airline Company Limited, with callsign easy, IATA code U2 and ICAO code EZY. It was founded in October 18, 1995 by Stelios Haji-Ioannou. It started operating on November 10, 1995, with two wet leased Boeing 737-200 aircrafts.

Although the easyjet has achieved best results on its business model, especially its low cost scheme helped a lot to improve rapidly in the airline industry. Online business activities and services are one of the main sources of saving in the cost.

Specially dynamic component of the site made it possible to get rid of travel agents, tickets, etc. But website has a wide capacity to be improved further to help emarketing more attractive and advantageous: A few suggestions may include:

Website may be updated to provide the facility of inserting comments, specially from the passengers and groups. Positive comments may used as e-advertising tools, while objections may be treated as an asset for further improvements.

If the easyjet launches its own search engine in the website, or as a standalone web component, and it becomes a successful search engine, then automatically the website will get more popularity among other websites and search engines. This will result in further improvement in business. The search engine may be named as easySearch.

A chat engine in the www.easyjet.com can also help the website to be used most commonly and frequently internationally. Utilizing these facilities of search engine and chat engine the company may enter the e-advertisement era, and the site itself will become more popular. The chat engine may be named as easyChat.

(Effraim Turban, 2009), (Ravi Kalakota, 1996)

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