Relationship Of Theology And Spirituality

As we all know that it is a great significance that a minister of God should be a person who is learned and further more a religious one. To achieve the above the minister should be able to take a step further to make sure that he or she studies the subject of theology which is said to deal with the presence of God. In this life essay I will be trying to discuss the relationship of theology and spirituality and go a step ahead to talk about the significance of this relationship has to my own personal life and the ministry. I will be focusing on the meaning of the both terms that is theology and spirituality, their nature and how they relate to one another.
Theology as we all know it's an ambiguous term which is said to mean a set of Christian beliefs which leads to field of study which focuses on those so called beliefs. As Christians we all have set of beliefs which we focuses on them on our day today way of life and it's those beliefs which deals as guideline of what is expected from us by the Christ. Theology can also be described as way of researching and relating to our main beliefs which are said to be core factors in our Christian faith. There is a great need for us as Christians learn this field of theology as it's through this that we can acquire or gain the required knowledge with its required and make it easy for us to deal with daily activities in search of our souls.
Theology can be further said to signify the continues analysis of our core content of our inner being of the so called Christian life .When we engaged in this field of study of theology we periodically cross examine our self and reflect on what is the meaning of our study which enhances our Christian faith. The other important significance of studying theology it's that can be viewed as the quest of our God almighty. The quest of God it's of great importance since by studying theology it is concerned with matter relating to God almighty and the literature of the Holy Scripture which act as guidance of what is expected from us with a mission of inheriting the God kingdom. Well it is something which is of great significance since as Christians our encounter to our almighty God involves the process of changing and transforming our perception towards our God.
It is undisputed factor since when we know God its perceived as we are changed and never be the same again .We are presumed to be pure as the God knowledge its attained which enable us to speak and talk about our God without fear. The knowledge of God is said to be divine in nature which fills our heart and the minds of the person studying it we are told that there has been major changes in this field of theology as the world changes tremendously in that theology has been reduced to be data based. Nowadays Theology as turned out to viewed as something which we are aware of instead of relating to with a perspective of changing our lives or focus on it. Theology as turned out to be viewed for academic reasons as a lot of people who are studying in this field have a different perspective of passing exams instead applying it into their day to day way of living towards God.

Spirituality can be described as the inner most being which is concerned with our personal experience in matters appertaining to our faith as Christians. It is important to understand that our beliefs which we follow as Christians are said to mingle with our spirituality in a unique way which leads us to behave in a specific way geared towards our spiritual way of life. This factor it's important to consider because it may have an impact which may lead us to reject or in other words criticize those we consider to do opposite. It is said that our set of beliefs in our Christian faith may affect our spirituality. Spirituality can also be said to be concerned with the practices of our Christians ways of life that is what is expected from us by the Holy Scripture which acts as our guideline on what is expected from us by the Almighty God.
Well it's important to note here that theology focuses on the theoretical aspect of Christian way of life while on the other hand spirituality focuses on practical part of our Christians life. The other aspect which can be considered here it's the theology is said to be centered of our minds as Christians while on the other hand spirituality is said to concentrate in our hearts of Christians. We can further to say that the term theology acts as foundation in which spirituality seats on or it's established to our Christians way of life.

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